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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
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  "Super Street Fighter II Turbo DC and PS2 ports."
A bargain of a collection if you don't already have the DC versions of Super Street Fighter II X (see entry 679) and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I already have them, and I prefer them for their VGA support and SSFIIX's hidden menus, but I've played a friend's copy of this briefly in Vs so I may as well say something about it.
The video is really blurry, even on PS2 component output. I think they may have made it output in high-res, then get scaled down automatically by the non-progessive output for some cheap anti-aliasing. Well, I think that stinks.
Skip as quickly as possible past the stupid blurry intro video. Ugh, I'm guessing that wasn't in the Japanese version. Did the US version also come with the Japanese SFII version's combo vids? I didn't check, but reading reviews it doesn't look like it. But I read that it does come with the animated movie, for whatever that's worth (clips of which can be seen in the PS1's "Street Fighter II Movie" if you're really desperate (see entry 268).
SFII is kind of a scrambled version like the DC's Vampire Chronicle: here, when you select a character, you pick if you want the Super, Turbo, Normal, Hyper, etc or whatever version of that character. Now, some versions have better moves than others, so this is also a potential handicap, and like Vampire Chronicle you're kind of left with the impression of having played a blended mixed-up thing rather than a cohesive game. Still, I suppose it is nice to be able to have the various versions fight each other, though I'm not really hardcore enough to appreciate the differences (I just choose the first one where Cammy was available, mostly).
Otherwise the games seem to play as expected, blurriness aside, so hurrah.
  paleface 12:11:43 01/25/19
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