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1.772DCSportsJPNCosmic Smash
2.1311DCSportsNANBA 2K2
3.378DCSportsNATennis 2K2
4.294DCSportsJPNVirtua Striker 2 ver. 2000.1
5.923GBSportsJPNNekketsu Koukou Soccer-Bu
6.119GBASportsJPNHajime no Ippo: The Fighting!
7.878GBASportsJPNKunio-Kun Nekketsu Collection 1
8.260GBASportsEURSpeedball 2
9.273GBASportsNASuper Dodge Ball Advance
10.392GBCSportsNAMario Golf
11.792GCSportsNAFight Night Round 2
12.719GCSportsNAMario Power Tennis
13.624GCSportsNAPool Paradise
14.539GCSportsNARibbit King
15.382N64SportsNAMario Golf
16.1122NESSportsNANES Open Tournament Golf
17.400NGPSportsNANeoGeo Cup '98 Plus
18.403NGPSportsJPNPocket Tennis
19.393NGPCSportsJPNDynamite Slugger
20.399NGPCSportsNANeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color
21.391NGPCSportsNANeo Turf Masters
22.402NGPCSportsNAPocket Tennis Color
23.450PCBSportsNAFlip Shot
24.622PCCDSportsJPNHot-Blooded Downtown Marching Band: Great Athletic Meet
25.494PCESportsJPNBreak In
26.465PCESportsJPNDigital Champ
27.468PCESportsJPNFormation Soccer: Human Cup '90
28.451PCESportsJPNHit the Ice: The Video Hockey League
29.447PCESportsJPNHot-Blooded High-School Dodge Ball
30.479PCESportsJPNHot-Blooded High-School Soccer
32.575PCESportsJPNPro Tennis: World Court
33.621PCESportsJPNWinning Shot
34.443PS1SportsNAAll-Star Slammin' D-Ball
36.68PS1SportsJPNDodge de Ball!
37.219PS1SportsJPNRainbow Dodgeball
38.15PS1SportsJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.30: The Basket ~ 1 on 1 Press ~
39.58PS1SportsJPNSuperLite 1500 Extra Series Vol.4: The Curling
40.1232PS1SportsNASurf Riders
41.295PS1SportsJPNWaku Waku Volley
43.470PS2SportsNADownhill Domination
44.379PS2SportsNAHot Shots Golf 3
45.135PS2SportsNAK-1 World Grand Prix
46.1042PS2SportsJPNOretachi Game Center: Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball Bu
47.405PS2SportsNARedCard 2003
48.685PS2SportsJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.49:The Dodgeball~World Champion Dodgeballer~
49.733PS2SportsNASpace Fishermen (demo)
50.322PS2SportsJPNWaku Waku Volley 2
51.303PS2SportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International
52.416PS2SportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International
53.1233PS3SportsNANBA 2K8
54.1164PS3SportsJPNSega Golfclub Featuring Miyazato Family
55.1364PS4SportsJPNHanazono High School Dodgeball Club
56.934PSPSportsNAHot Shots Golf: Open Tee
57.986PSPSportsNAVirtua Tennis: World Tour
58.1024PSPSportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 9
59.1133WIISportsNAWii Sports
60.1214X360SportsJPNPro Yakyuu Spirits 3
61.789XBXSportsNANBA Ballers
62.442XBXSportsNATony Hawk's Underground
63.440XBXSportsNATop Spin
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