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1.1302DCDrivingNA18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
2.764DCDrivingNACrazy Taxi
3.629DCDrivingNADaytona USA
4.771DCDrivingNADemolition Racer: No Remorse
5.770DCDrivingNAMetropolis Street Racer
6.1091DCDrivingNASuper Runabout: San Francisco Edition
7.338DCDrivingNATokyo Xtreme Racer 2
8.769DCDrivingNAVanishing Point
10.691GBDrivingNASuper R.C. Pro-Am
11.316GBADrivingNAKarnaaj Rally
12.974GBADrivingNAMario Kart Super Circuit
13.646GBADrivingNARoad Trip: Shifting Gears
14.47GCDrivingJPNChoro Q!
15.324GCDrivingNAF-Zero GX
16.383N64DrivingNADiddy Kong Racing
17.633N64DrivingNAF-Zero X
18.741PCBDrivingNADaytona USA 2
19.1061PCBDrivingNAInitial D Version 3
20.385PCBDrivingNANeo Drift Out
21.1052PCBDrivingNAOutRun2 SP
22.1065PCBDrivingNASan Francisco Rush 2049
23.619PCEDrivingJPNWorld Jockey
24.25PS1DrivingJPNBokan GoGoGo
25.48PS1DrivingJPNChoro Q3
26.49PS1DrivingJPNChoro Q Jet: Rainbow Wings
27.50PS1DrivingJPNChoro Q Marine: Q Boat
28.51PS1DrivingJPNChoro Q Wonderful!
29.52PS1DrivingJPNCombat Choro Q
30.22PS1DrivingJPNSimple Characters 2000 Vol.17: Blue Gale Xabungle The Race in Action
31.849PS2DrivingJPNBattle Gear 3
32.910PS2DrivingNAEnthusia Professional Racing
33.84PS2DrivingNAGadget Racers
34.766PS2DrivingNAGran Turismo 4
35.225PS2DrivingNARoad Trip
36.247PS2DrivingNASeek and Destroy
37.1004PS2DrivingJPNSega Rally 2006
38.1093PS2DrivingJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.95: The Zombie vs. Kyuukyuusha
39.817PS2DrivingNASpy Hunter
40.1162PS3DrivingNAFormula One Championship Edition
41.1165PS3DrivingNAFull Auto 2: Battlelines
42.1316PS3DrivingNAGran Turismo 5 Prologue
43.1315PS3DrivingNAGran Turismo HD Concept
44.1135PS3DrivingNARidge Racer 7
45.909PSPDrivingNABurnout Legends
46.1200PSPDrivingNACrazy Taxi: Fare Wars
47.1057PSPDrivingNAOutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
48.1085SSDrivingJPNSega Ages: Power Drift
49.1182X360DrivingNAAce Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
51.1173X360DrivingNAForza Motorsport 2
52.1275X360DrivingNAOutRun Online Arcade
53.1174X360DrivingNAProject Gotham Racing 4
54.1181X360DrivingNASega Rally Revo
55.779XBXDrivingNACrazy Taxi 3: High Roller
58.1070XBXDrivingNAOutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
59.846XBXDrivingNAProject Gotham Racing 2
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