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1.883PS1FightingJPNAdvanced V.G.
2.2PS1FightingJPNAdvanced V.G. 2
3.8PS1FightingJPNAngel Eyes
4.1217PS2FightingNAArcana Heart
5.611PCCDFightingJPNArt of Fighting
6.384PCBFightingJPNArt of Fighting 3
7.13PS1FightingJPNAsuka 120% Burning Fest Excellent
8.14PS1FightingJPNAsuka 120% Burning Fest Final
9.807PS1FightingJPNAsuka 120% Special: Burning Fest.
10.1294DCFightingJPNBakumatsu Roman Dai Ni Maku: Gekka no Kenshi Final Edition
11.1293PS1FightingJPNBakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi
12.1012PS2FightingJPNBakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi 1-2 (NeoGeo Online Collection v.2)
13.1262PS3FightingJPNBattle Fantasia
14.21PS1FightingJPNBlue Breaker Burst
16.713PS2FightingNACapcom Fighting Evolution
17.1068XBXFightingNACapcom Fighting Evolution
18.814DCFightingJPNCapcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001
19.813DCFightingNACapcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
20.57PS1FightingJPNCritical Blow
22.981GCFightingJPNDairantou Smash Brothers DX
23.829PS1FightingNADarkstalkers 3
24.921PSPFightingNADarkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
25.828PS1FightingNADarkstalkers: The Night Warriors
26.887PS1FightingNADead or Alive
27.1008X360FightingNADead or Alive 4
29.906PS1FightingJPNDouble Dragon
30.444GCFightingJPNDream Mix TV World Fighters
32.363PCBFightingJPNThe Fallen Angels
33.612PCCDFightingJPNFatal Fury 2
34.422NGPCFightingJPNFatal Fury: First Contact
35.1285DCFightingNAFatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
36.613PCCDFightingJPNFatal Fury Special
37.1205PS1FightingNAFatal Fury: Wild Ambition
38.446PCCDFightingJPNFighting Street
39.565PCCDFightingJPNFlash Hiders
40.1190PS2FightingJPNFu'un Super Combo (NeoGeo Online Collection v.8)
41.85PS1FightingJPNGalaxy Fight
42.401NGPCFightingNAGals Fighters
43.1137PS2FightingJPNGarou Densetsu Battle Archives 1 (NeoGeo Online Collection v.5)
44.1160PS2FightingJPNGarou Densetsu Battle Archives 2 (NeoGeo Online Collection v.6)
45.1286DCFightingJPNGarou: Mark of the Wolves
46.102PS1FightingJPNGouketsuji Ichizoku 2
47.722PS2FightingNAGuilty Gear Isuka
48.1350PS2FightingNAGuilty Gear X
49.108PS2FightingNAGuilty Gear X2
50.1036PSPFightingJPNGuilty Gear XX #Reload: The Midnight Carnival
51.111PS1FightingJPNGundam: The Battle Master
52.112PS1FightingJPNGundam: The Battle Master 2
53.1166PS2FightingJPNHokuto no Ken
54.132PS1FightingJPNInuyasha: Sengoku Otogi Kassen
55.1335DCFightingNAJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
56.712GBAFightingNAK-1 Pocket Gran Prix
57.615PCCDFightingJPNKabuki Itouryodan
58.625PS2FightingJPNKensetsu Juuki Kenka Battle: Buchigire Kongou!!
59.762PS2FightingNAThe King of Fighters 02/03
60.139DCFightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2000
61.1338PS4FightingNAThe King of Fighters 2000
62.1342PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2000
63.140DCFightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2001
64.1343PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2001
65.141DCFightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2002
66.1345PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters 2003
67.765PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout
68.1289PS1FightingNAThe King of Fighters '95
69.1290PS1FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '96
70.142PS1FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '97
71.143PS1FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '98
72.1348PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match
73.1291PS1FightingNAThe King of Fighters '99
74.1284DCFightingJPNThe King of Fighters '99 Evolution
75.1287DCFightingNAThe King of Fighters '99 Evolution
76.1283DCFightingJPNThe King of Fighters Dream Match 1999
77.1288DCFightingNAThe King of Fighters Dream Match 1999
78.852PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters NeoWave
79.1341PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters NESTS Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.7)
80.1346PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters NESTS Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.7)
81.1048PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters Orochi Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.3)
82.1344PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters Orochi Comp. (NeoGeo Online Collection v.3)
83.362NGPFightingJPNKing of Fighters R-1
84.415NGPCFightingNAKing of Fighters R-2
85.1092PS2FightingJPNThe King of Fighters XI
86.1339PS3FightingJPNThe King of Fighters XI
87.686PS2FightingNAKOF Maximum Impact
88.927PCBFightingJPNThe Last Blade
89.1295DCFightingNAThe Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai
90.423NGPCFightingEURThe Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny
91.1340PCFightingNALethal League
92.155PS1FightingJPNLightning Legend
93.156PS1FightingJPNLord of Fist
94.162PS1FightingJPNMagic Beast Warriors
95.163PS1FightingJPNMakeruna! Makendo 2
96.499PCCDFightingJPNMartial Champion
97.1351PS1FightingNAMarvel Super Heroes
98.333DCFightingNAMarvel vs. Capcom
99.1257DCFightingNAMarvel vs. Capcom 2
100.445PS2FightingJPNMasked Rider 555
101.136PS1FightingJPNMasked Rider Agito
102.1067SCDFightingNAMasked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO
103.165PS1FightingJPNThe Masters Fighter
104.168PS1FightingJPNMegatudo 2096
105.1138PS2FightingJPNMelty Blood: Act Cadenza
107.361PS2FightingJPNNaruto: Narutimett Hero
108.1001PS2FightingJPNNeo*Geo Battle Coliseum
109.734DCFightingNAPower Stone 2
110.204PS1FightingJPNProject Gaiaray
111.220PS1FightingJPNRakugaki Showtime
112.475PCCDFightingJPNRanma 1/2: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu!
113.221PS1FightingJPNReal Bout Fatal Fury
114.222PS1FightingJPNReal Bout Garou Densetsu Special - Dominated Mind
115.223PS1FightingJPNRemote Control Dandy
116.227PS1FightingNARobo Pit
117.228PS1FightingJPNRobo Pit 2
118.229PS2FightingNARobot Alchemic Drive
119.419NGPCFightingJPNRockMan Battle & Fighters
120.787PS2FightingJPNThe Rumble Fish
121.1073PS2FightingJPNRyuuko no Ken: Ten-Chi-Jin (NeoGeo Online Collection v.4)
122.244PS1FightingJPNSamurai Deeper Kyo
123.418NGPCFightingNASamurai Shodown! 2
124.1280PS2FightingNASamurai Shodown Anthology
125.1347PCFightingNASamurai Shodown II
126.1292PS1FightingNASamurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood
127.744PCBFightingNASamurai Shodown V
128.417NGPFightingJPNSamurai Spirits!
129.245PS1FightingJPNSamurai Spirits IV: Amakusa Kourin Special
130.246PS1FightingJPNSamurai Spirits: Kenkaku Yubinan Pack
131.1204PS1FightingJPNSamurai Spirits Shinshou
132.1016PS2FightingJPNSamurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden
133.718PS2FightingJPNSamurai Spirits Zero
134.1260PS2FightingJPNSengoku Basara X (Cross)
135.1175PS2FightingJPNShijyou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
136.1072PS2FightingJPNShin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou
137.1086PCBFightingJPNShin Gouketuji Ichizoku: Matrimelee
138.1051PCBFightingJPNShin Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokuhen
139.251PS1FightingJPNSlap Happy Rhythm Busters
140.434PS2FightingJPNSNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
141.421NGPCFightingJPNSNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium
142.328GCFightingNASoul Calibur II
143.263PS1FightingJPNStar Gladiator
144.1032PSPFightingNAStreet Fighter Alpha 3 Max
145.1033DCFightingNAStreet Fighter Alpha 3: Saikyo Dojo
146.680PS2FightingNAStreet Fighter Anniversary Collection
147.1319DCFightingNAStreet Fighter III: 3rd Strike
148.1318DCFightingNAStreet Fighter III: Double Impact
149.439PCBFightingNAStreet Fighter III: Third Strike
150.268PS1FightingJPNStreet Fighter II Movie
151.1282PS3FightingNAStreet Fighter IV
152.1034PS1FightingJPNStreet Fighter Zero 3
153.314PS1FightingJPNSuiko Enbu
154.1261PS2FightingJPNSunsoft Collection (NeoGeo Online Collection v.11)
155.1281PS3FightingNASuper Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
156.679DCFightingJPNSuper Street Fighter II X for Matching Service
157.279PS1FightingJPNTatsunoko Fight
158.280PS2FightingNATekken 4
159.1076PCBFightingNATekken 5
160.289PS1FightingJPNTwin Goddesses
161.707DCFightingJPNVampire Chronicle for Matching Service
162.824PS2FightingJPNVampire: Darkstalkers Collection
163.339PCBFightingNAVampire Savior
164.292PS1FightingJPNVan-Gale ~The War of Neo-Century~
165.329PS2FightingNAVirtua Fighter 4: Evolution
166.1224PS3FightingNAVirtua Fighter 5
167.614PCCDFightingJPNWorld Heroes 2
168.1189PS2FightingJPNWorld Heroes Gorgeous (NeoGeo Online Collection v.9)
169.309PS1FightingNAZero Divide
170.310PS1FightingJPNZero Divide 2
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