z/word/poor punctuation

whence comes the urge
to create magnificent things?
desire for money? immortality?
for possession of the magnificent thing
or to give it to the world?

whatever the reason
most, I suppose,
do not succeed--as in anything
worth trying, you know.

but those that do, I like to think
did it for a variety of reasons.
in particular I like to think that
some succeed who did it for glory.

maybe just because that's why I
want to do it? let's not get too
insightful here.

but at least partly because otherwise
it would get too
predictable, see.
people would start saying "oh he's
doing it for fame, that never works"
and then it would just

because I think we would all like
a little fame, for a minute or
so, complete with off switch.

been there, done, that, we could sigh,
with superior satisfaction.

so don't say that it only works if
you're completely humble, because those
humble people can be so damned
z/word/poor punctuation