z/word/poor punctuation
sleeping once and waking twice

I dreamed of dreaming
and in dreaming,
of I know not what
animals who became men
and walked on air I thought,
I woke up, but only half
for dreaming I dreamed
and dreamed I waked

imagine now
how pleasant it is
to wake yourself slowly,
even lazily,
knowing hazily
not only can you go back to sleep
but there's no need,
for slumber
your sluggish thought precedes

remembering then
my dream within dreams
I dreamed I smiled
and the smile glowed warm
radiating softly everywhere.
you can awake from one dream
into another
and the dream is stronger
when layered deeper

dreaming dreams
I knew I dreamed;
since dreaming ends
where knowing begins
I woke once more
stretched and thought:
I know this is real
but what it it's not?
and I'm dreaming still
and may awake then
or else border down
and dream of dreaming again
z/word/poor punctuation