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Baby Universe
  opened by paleface at 05:01:16 02/20/06  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Rhythm; loc=JPN]
A music visualization utility rather than a game. You can put the visualizer in several modes, tweak the settings, stick in the CD to which you want (very loosely) the visuals to jump, and away you go.
The controls are pretty unintuitive, and the manual won't be much help unless you can read Japanese. You can speed up/slow down the rotation of the 3D models moving around; you can also cycle background colors and patterns. My favorite is not the 3D models, but a 2D kaleidoscope type of thing. Combinations of shoulder buttons, button presses ,and/or D-pad movement can change various settings on the fly--but it takes some experimentation even then to get the controls sorted out. For instance, we got the display in some kind of close up view, with no colors, and it was a while before we could get that sorted out.
Anyway, it's neat. If you have some extra cash laying around, and need a trippy trance view for a party, this would be a pretty viable solution--as long as you lock down the controls so that nobody else can confuse you about how they're dressing.
· Vib Ribbon (PS1)

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