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San Francisco Rush 2049
  opened by paleface at 04:01:19 06/18/06  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
Atari seems to have wanted to impress badly with this one, sticking it in a large open double cab with force-feedback seats (rumble rumble) and buttons EVERYWHERE. Each cab has something like:
- steering wheel
- three pedals
- gear shift
- three camera buttons
- start button
- telephone-style numeric keypad
- two or three other buttons that I don't remember distinctly, I think
That's a few more instruments than I like to have thrown at me all at once. I think the numeric keypad is for dialing in on some kind of high score tracking service, but I'm not sure. I can't really imagine anyone taking the time to do that; are there any really hardcore arcade Rush fans?
The steering wheel has force-feedback, but of the sort that actually wrenches the wheel around when you land from a jump of any height, or take a tight corner, and it's pretty annoying. Not that it disrupts the driving experience much, I suppose, since the actual driving feels really clunky and unnatural anyway; the car feels more like its on rails than something with independent steering. Bleg.
When racing against the CPU, the CPU cars are for some reason almost entirely transparent, making them hard to see, and impossible to distinguish from each other. And what was the point of this?
For a game called "Rush," it has an entirely underwhelming sense of speed, and I guess the chunky, blurry, oversaturated tracks and backgrounds don't help that. The tracks have cute little side routes at various points that I suppose in theory save you a little time. On the beginner track I played, there was one tunnel leading off at an inviting angle, but every time I tried going into it, I seemed to catch the corner and blow up (cars are VERY volatile in this game, sigh). It wasn't until the third lap and crash that I realized that the "tunnel" actually just ended as a short dark hole, going nowhere. My, how clever. :ppp
Was quite the crappy arcade driving experience; I remember being at least moderately satisfied with the Dreamcast port... That one doesn't have force-feedback seats or steering, at least.

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