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The Ocean Hunter: The Seven Seas Adventure
  opened by paleface at 04:41:22 07/03/06  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Light_Gun; loc=NA]
Comes in a big dual-gun cab with nice little benches the players can sit on. And get this: those aren't just regular light-guns you're shooting with, they're harpoon light guns! Woo!
Actually I kinda like this crazy Sega shooter. Everything has this "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" kind of aquatic steampunk look to it--polished brass fixtures and all, you know--and just "swimming" around harpooning mad sharks and eels and undersea behemoths is, well, kinda fun. You can shoot harpoons pretty fast, and the game itself isn't really that difficult. Oh yeah, and the guns vibrate like big heavy harpoon machinery when you shoot them (I guess 2P's vibration was broken on the machine we tried).
If I'm remembering this right, you have to lead your target just a tiny bit, which makes for a nice change of pace from most insta-hit light-gun shooters, and helps give the game a sort of laid-back feeling, which also comes across in the cool filtered blue underwater lighting. It's almost peaceful...
The only parts I didn't really like were a boss fight or two where you're down way deep, and it's so murky that you can't see a darn thing. That's not so fun. Also most of the bosses are kind of dumb, and you can just hold down fire and move the gun sight a tiny bit, and you'll get through.

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