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Demolition Man
  opened by paleface at 01:22:36 01/09/07  
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  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
The newish trend of pinball table design that comes with big red launcher button instead of the traditional spring launcher, and big projecting custom flipper buttons in place of the good old side-mounted red buttons, usually turns me off in a big way, but somehow the big, heavy metal button-topped handles sticking up from the sides of Demolition Man work--quite possibly because they are really solid, and because for a guy of my height (6'2"), they make it so you don't have to stoop quite as much when using the flippers. And when I say they're solid, I mean you can quite easily use them to tilt the machine, hard.
The main gimmick is a magnetic arm in the upper left that picks up the ball, and then gives you control to rotate the ball and drop it down one of five or so chutes. Silly. However, the multitude of ramps here are not joking around, and joy! they're metal, not plastic. There are all kinds of missions and modes, and big clear easily-seen red ramp indicator arrows. Scoring is insane (I think the high score was 4 billion on the table we played), and you can get a low-level multiball pretty easily.
Sound and art is pretty good in a dark future sort of way, and if you can stand a larger-than-life Sly Stallone glaring down at you from the back-glass, and the launcher button, you're in for a pretty mean game of pinball.
  paleface 01:22:50 01/09/07
This is a Williams table.

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