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Polarium Advance
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Surprisingly slick puzzle game in which you draw a path over a board of white and black tiles. Once you finish the path, all tiles beneath the path you drew flip to the opposite color. Each row on the board that has now become all one color, either all white or all black, disappears; in order to beat the puzzle, you have to clear all rows of the board with a single path.
Sounds pretty basic, but it's complicated by neutral squares, wildcard tiles, combos (where a row is cleared, releasing tiles above it that then fall the form full rows with tiles below), and extra point challenges to draw a path starting and stopping on specific tiles.
At first glance, many of the puzzles look impossible, and you may be wracking your brain for a while to figure out how exactly you can clear the darn things in a single move. Once you figure it out, it always seems obvious, but you're also left feeling like a real smarty for having come across the trick to it.
There are 365 puzzles on view, at least at the start, but you have to complete the earlier ones before you can move on to the later ones. Considering how tricky some of them are, this game can probably keep you busy for quite some time, especially if you're insane enough to go for the bonus points to be had by starting and ending each puzzle on specific tiles. The game keeps track of the puzzles and achievements you've completed as you go. There's also a puzzle editor where you can make your own, although I'm not sure how fun it is to make your own puzzles, since you already know the answer.
Presentation has a modern, minimalist look that reads very well and comes off as quite stylish, particularly in company with attractive little animations and some rather smooth puzzling music. It really is an impressive package. I tend to get scared of brain-bursting puzzles, as opposed to more action puzzles, so I'm not sure if I'll have the guts to pick the game up for myself, but I can at least respect what has been done here.

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