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Zero Point
  opened by paleface at 03:17:28 01/15/07  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Light_Gun; loc=NA]
"Zero Point" is about what I would rate this game, haha! Okay, anyway, it's a two-player light gun game with the two plastic pistols holstered on a standard size arcade cab. You pick a difficulty and something else and a level, and then you shoot stuff that comes across the screen. It isn't that hard to hit anything because you have the barrel of your pistol pretty much right against the screen--somehow that seemed like the natural way to play the game.
I'm not sure I can recommend playing it two-player, however. See, each stage you have to hit a certain number of targets, and it doesn't seem to give you more targets when you play with two people, so you're sort of competing for targets. The first stage had little 2D witches flying across the screen. I think we hit them all, but we both still failed to reach the target goal somehow, and lost a life.
The next stage had us shooting prison escapees or something as a spotlight revealed them by washing across jail windows. This was more challenging because you had less time to react, and sometimes there'd be a warden there instead of an escapee. We both lost one life each for shooting a warden accidentally, and then we both failed to reach our target goals again, losing another life, and that was it.
Hm. Still not sure how the target totals are supposed to add up.

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