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Pirates of the Caribbean
  opened by paleface at 16:53:14 10/13/07  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
Fun table by Stern based on what appears to be a mix of the first and second Pirates of the Caribbean movies from Disney. The nice open table center leads up to lots of ramps in upper center and left, with one going up to a funky rotating dish with a grippy surface that spins the ball around and around. The right side is a little less interesting, taken up by the large collective of bumpers in the upper right that are hard to re-access once you've shot in, and, lower down, a large silver treasure chest that is very easy to shoot, but usually just dumps your ball unceremoniously out the back, without, as far as I could see, giving you much for it. This is the only real bummer of the table.
The centerpiece is a rocking pirate ship model in the upper left-center; hit it a number of times and it sinks down into the board, unlocking multi-ball and all sorts of giddy light-blinking fun. The multi I got was only two balls, I'm not sure if it ever gets more than that (I didn't get far, so I think there's a good chance there's more).
The table plays fair, feels sturdy and solid, has some standout mechanisms, and plenty of scoring modes. It's a good one.

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