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Capcom Puzzle World
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  paleface [sys=PSP; cat=Action_Variety; loc=NA]
Compilation of five old Capcom arcade games: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Buster Bros., Super Buster Bros., Buster Buddies, and Block Block.
The Buster Bros. (aka "Pang") games are very fun single-screen platformers/shooters, where you have to shoot bubbles bouncing down from above. The three of them together on the portable are well worth a purchase alone, if you'd like to play them on the go. Otherwise, get the PS1 collection (see entry 32). For the port to the PSP, they've been expanded to full screen somehow, without seeming to stretch or blur the graphics. It looks quite nice.
I've never liked Puzzle Fighter. It's one of a jillion block-dropping "versus" games, but with Street Fighter characters thrown in. The animation is nice and all, but it still just comes down to matching up chunks of dropping blocks of different colors, and getting the wrong blocks dropped in big floods when your enemy does something right, which is really annoying. Supposely there's strategy in that each of the different characters blocks their opponent with different block patterns, but eh, I'm just not feeling it. Like the "Matching Service" version released for the Dreamcast in Japan (I have this...still have to cover it one of these days), the game has three three modes, X, Y, and Z, that make little tweaks to the gameplay, I forget exactly what.
Block Block already showed up in one of Capcom's "Classic" collections for the PSP (see entry 1055). The control is still pretty jerky. It's sorta playable, but really not that fun at such a small resolution, and with such touchy controls.
The collection has a weird "screenshot" feature where I guess you can save a screenshot from any of the games to your memory card. The menus are generally cumbersome; for some reason you have to autosave twice to get out of any game, for instance. There's a "gallery" mode, but the images are at such high resolution (you have to zoom way in, and scroll) and take so long to load, that it isn't worth it.
To my surprise, two of the games, Buster Bros. and Buster Buddies, crash when run in the "slim" PSP's video-out mode. Gah! Quite a bummer.
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