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Time Crisis 4
  opened by paleface at 19:17:32 04/05/08  
  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Light_Gun; loc=NA]
This venerable light gun series steps into the HD generation in not so impressive fashion. The graphics aren't particularly impressive, and the gameplay is pretty much the same as ever, only now you've got a clunkier controller with an additional stub handle with buttons for your left hand.
Bleh! Also, they've abandoned the traditional sensing method for light guns, which was reading back flashes from the screen when you pulled the trigger--I guess because with the profusion of screen types now they just couldn't come up with a method that would work on all monitor types?--and opted instead to provide you with little sensors that you have to balance precariously on top of your television screen; that's annoying enough, but if you don't have a normal screen--if, say, you have a wall projector like me--you're pretty much out of luck unless you feel like nailing the suckers to your wall, which I don't. Once the sensors were placed, the gun seemed accurate enough, although depth is critical to calibration now, so you can't just move forward or back willy-nilly without screwing up your gun's aim.
You can get some additional weapons, which is nice, but with the now-stodgy duck-and-shoot-generic-dudes gameplay, the increasingly unwieldy controller, and irritating sensor set-up, the higher price tag for the box these all come in, and the lackluster graphics, I don't see this type of game lasting much longer, at least not outside of the arcade. Apparently they added some kind of (awful?--that's the rumor, anyway) first-person shooter mode for the home version, but I didn't try it.

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