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  opened by paleface at 20:22:51 02/16/09  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
Early 80's table from Bally. The upper part of the table is a little too dense with bumpers and roll-unders for my taste. The roll-unders, painted with playing card faces, cue some kind of playing-card scoring, probably based on poker or something. I had little idea how that worked, and what made the table feel like a complete waste of a few quarters was that my friend kept hitting what turned out to be a "sacrifice" button on the side of the machine, which removes 25,000 points from your score (which was generally pretty much all the points scored on a ball) in exchange for upping the ante of scoring on your next ball somehow. Egh. The roulette spinner set below the surface of the lower part of the table is cute, and does add to some anxiety while you wait to see what you get out of it, so I guess it's one of the more successful inset spinners I've seen, although I still don't like those gimmicks much.

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