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Hyper Securities 2
  opened by paleface at 03:49:58 08/23/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Strategy; loc=JPN]
Uh, oops. From the half of the back of the case that I could see, I thought this was a 3d city racer with super-deformed cars and cute girl drivers. Well, that may be hidden in here somewhere, but all I've found after 20 minutes of pressing buttons and selecting random menus is that it's some kind of time-management thing where you schedule the lives of three young, tightly-laced female security agents.
You lay out their weekly schedules, then it runs through the week in a simulated map view showing you alerts and uh stuff, I guess. Once per week you can try hitting on one of them--er, it's common practice for Japanese bosses to round-robin date their employees, right? :P I got one of the girls on a date once but then I said something stupid, apparently, and that was that. Wow, it's just like my life, only more colorful!

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