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  opened by paleface at 04:28:33 07/19/10  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
I have never had a pinball game hurt my eyes as much as this table did; the layout and modes seem okay but unless it's in a well-lit room, I will certainly not consider playing this one again, because the table is very darkly lit, but repeatedly flashes very bright, pinpoint blue lights, mounted just above the flippers, straight up into your eyes during certain frenetic periods, such as multiball. My eyes were still hurting twenty minutes later. :|
Aside from the blinding lighting arrangement, the playfield on this recent Stern table is unusually clear of obstacles; this may be in order to leave space for the large mechanical arm that dangles a ball magnetically over the playfield, changing positions from time to time to make you adjust your aim as you try to hit the dangler--it doesn't come off just by hitting it, but apparently if you get enough hits it will come off as multiball. I engaged a separate multiball via ball locks while the arm was over the field, so maybe I ended up with two consecutive multiballs as a result, leading to the prolonged light flashing.
There didn't seem all that much else on the table aside from a few ramps and Stern's usual tucked-away jet bumper cluster; one ramp leads to a long and boring elevated section where you just have to wait for the ball to trickle down between pegs--unless you're into nudging the table, I suppose.

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