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Iron Man
  opened by paleface at 05:08:18 07/19/10  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
You'd expect a table based on a movie license revolving around ridiculously elaborate robotic techno suits would positively fester with all description of animatronic neon--but that is not the case here. I really do think it might be due to budget considerations, because this table actually feels...underdone.
Normally I would not mind that at all--most of my favorite tables are closer to the electromagnetic era--but here the impression was one of bareness and lack of things to do; the jet bumpers and top rollover lanes are, in the usual Stern way, tucked away in a tiny cluster in the top corner, so there really isn't much to do aside from hitting a couple short ramps.
At least, at first glance. I didn't get beyond that because the game managed to drain my balls (oh that sounds bad) very, very quickly indeed, and there was nothing much there to encourage me to try again. The presentation was very underwhelming, and even the playfield art looks like nothing more than a cluster of tiny little trading cards.

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