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  opened by paleface at 02:49:15 09/20/10  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Sports; loc=NA]
Going back this far in the NBA 2K series is a bit weird. I actually kind of like how the players look less weirdly just-off realistic--here they're decidedly polygonal, with flat, textured-on faces. The animation is okay and the framerate is good, and there seem to be less buttons necessary, which seems like a plus. I still can't really figure out how to dunk, even though there's really only one button for doing fancy dribble moves to get by people. Bah. When you run into people, your character just stops dead instead of glancing off them, which is jarring.
The camera is the old style pointing straight up-court thing, which is definitely not as nice as the side view used in the later games.
The AI, at least in a quick exhibition game, is laughable. In a single half of a single game I saw the AI do lots of amusing things, including inbounding it, then passing it right back to the inbounder--still standing out of bounds--for a turnover, shooting and missing countless fade-away jumpers with Shaq from way outside his range, passing between three people in a little triangular formation about three times in a row, Harlem Globetrotters style, and, with seconds left in the half, having Shaq inbound it to Kobe, who sort of backhand flings it the full length of the court, caroming it off the rim, then somehow causing it to slow to a stop in midair, reverse, and drop into the hoop.
The commentary is actually pretty good.
· NBA 2K8 (PS3)

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