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The King of Fighters 2000
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  paleface [sys=NG; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
After becoming frustrated with the NeoGeo Online PS2 version's interlacing (see entry 1346), I re-bought a DC and the DC version of 2000 (entry 139), but that didn't have the sort of endless 1-round battle mode you can set up in Practice mode in the PS2 NeoGeo Online one; and the other PS2 version, or at least the PS4 version of it (entry 1338) doesn't have that battle mode either, plus it has weird blurring on the interior of the character sprites----so anyway, I decided I may as well stop faffing about and just get the NeoGeo version.
See, this and The King of Fighters '99 (also in entry 1346) are the only two KOF games where you can turn off super moves--and super moves in KOF games--except for both the remixed and the "NeoGeo" version of KOF '94 in The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout (see entry 765)--have full-screen flashing effects that are pretty rough on the eyes, so this became important to me--and '99's between-round UI is maybe little flashier than 2000's, plus I think I like the roster, striker system, and presentation of 2000 more.
So it seemed to me 2000 was *the* fighting game left to me, so anyway I got a consolized NEO*GEO MVS, a Brook Neo*Geo to PS3/PS4 controller adapter, and here we are--flavor country!
So I play with supers off, and my latest thing is trying out the "DISP.CUT" option in the AES version, to turn off the display of the health bars--no more being distracted by glancing up at your those bars every second or so, just fight 'til one of you drops! ; D
  paleface 12:10:50 08/23/20
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