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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
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  "Raven sure looks like Blade. Is cool. Prepares to choose next Ghost Battle opponent."

Spent my whole first session with the game very confused about names. The only place I could find the names of characters was first names only, for a few seconds as text-only options for your next opponent in Ghost Battle. Hey Namco, you know where names would be handy? Printed in big letters next to characters on the character selection screen! The announcer does say their name when you pick them, but in a sort of background effect that's hard to hear clearly--and which I immediately forget anyway, a problem I also have with hearing names in real life, they really do go in one ear and out the other. : P
And I didn't figure out that the name you can enter in Ghost Battle is totally meaningless; it isn't a per-character persona or filing name or anything, it's just an on-screen label you can change at any time. The UI to enter or clear it is a real pain, and I should have just changed it to "smbhax 2000," so viewers would at least be clued into which person I was, and left it there.
Oh yeah and some of the characters seem to have been renamed since I saw them in Tekken 2, or replaced by clones or siblings or something with different names? What the heck.
Anyway. I still don't really get the one-button-per-limb control scheme, and everything feels the same weight and just button mashy, and a lot of the characters seem to have been made incredibly generic almost on purpose. But this port from the PSP is sharp, if somewhat low-poly, in 1080p on the PS3, fast, has *some* fun characters (still have more to explore!), some cool stages and tunes (although I'm not keen on a few of the tracks, which is not a problem I had in T1 or T2), and Ghost Battle may be pretty much the perfect balance for a single-player continual fighting mode: enough choice in customization and opponent to make it feel varied, but not so streamlined as to start feeling stressful (VF4 Kumite...then again, I'm still at low ranks here, so I guess it wouldn't...), and not so complicated with areas and side-things (VF5 Quest) that I have to break off what I'm doing to go think about other stuff; nope, it's just got that "one more fight" thing going on. Or is that just "one more character" for me for now, and I'll get bored once I've run out of new characters to try?
  paleface 18:58:11 11/19/20
Man there are some clunky things about the user interface/experience with Ghost Battle, like not being able to see character names or costumes, no quick way to see what you have equipped, and not being able to back out of selection on the character select screen--and especially, being matched up against a mid-level character to begin with, even if you're a rank beginner! (And while you can pick a lower-level opponent if you win, you can't if you lose!! : o)
  paleface 18:58:26 11/19/20
This FAQ lists costumes
According to the FAQ, *most* characters have just two costumes:
Costume 1: select w/ [ ] or /\
Costume 2: select w/ X or O
The exceptions (extra costumes) listed in the FAQ and cheats are:
Anna: /\
Asuka: /\, O
Bruce: /\
Ganryu: /\
Jin: /\
Jinpachi: /\
Lee: /\
Ling: /\, O, R1+R2+Start
Marshall: /\
Raven: /\
Yoshimitsu: /\
  paleface 18:40:09 12/31/20

Finally playing through Arcade Battle mode in Tekken 5: Dark -Resurrection on PS3 with Craig Marduk, then trying out Marshall Law and Hwoarang in Ghost Battle mode!
Was surprised there's no dialogue with other characters, and no ending whatsoever, in Arcade Battle--but checking afterwards, I find that that stuff was indeed left behind in Tekken 5 on PS2 (and maybe Tekken Dark Resurrection on PSP?). That darn lava boss was a real pain until I learned to a) dodge and b) just do juggles from down-left-punch. :p Also I had bear problems. : o
In the pause menu of at least Arcade Battle and Ghost Battle modes you can change the difficulty on the fly--changing it to Easy in Ghost Battle before you select a new character will tend to make it so that new character's first fight is against a low ranked opponent, rather than a medium-ranked one. Phew. I'd somehow managed to overlook the pause menu difficulty setting all this time, argh! ; )
Unlike Tekken 6 though, here when I cranked the difficulty up to Ultra, it wasn't offering me super high-rank opponents. Hm. My test character in 6 was somewhat higher rank to start with though, so maybe that had something to do with it? (Huh no I checked this later and I was getting "Sage" and other very high ranks challenging me in DR, after selecting a character when the difficulty had already been set to Ultra.)
And I finally realized--after doing it in T6--that I could raise the rounds-to-win in Ghost Battle from just 2 to the beefier 3, which is what you get in for instance Virtua Fighter "Quest" modes, so I did that. : )
Apparently in the PSP version of the game, you can download additional "ghost" characters to fight against as customized AIs. In the PS3 version--even if you've purchased the "Online Expansion" DLC--more on that in the next video!--there's no downloading ghosts. (In 6 on PS3 you *can* download "ghosts" featuring the rank and customized appearances of anybody who goes into the Online Mode menu of that game--even your own!)
  paleface 19:43:05 01/01/21

Finally stumbled across the "Online Expansion" DLC for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3. ; ) It adds Online Battle, Survival, and Practice modes, some new pictures (TTT?) to the Gallery, and...maybe some new ghost AI characters? Okay I'm not sure about that last one but optimistically I like to think it does. ^_^
So I check the new modes out--don't find anyone to play in Online Battle, mind you, and you can't download ghosts in it like you can in Tekken 6--and also go over the "Old" vs the "New" stages in the game: the "Old" stages are from Tekken 5 (PS2), and have to be unlocked; mostly there are already "New" remixes of them, but actually I think I like the "Old" versions more for the most part. : D
The way to unlock them currently listed on GameFAQs though--beat Arcade Battle 3 times--isn't quite correct; it's actually either total matches won (20 to 30?) in any mode, and/or maybe time played: . For instance, I got the message after returning to the main menu from playing Ghost Battle for a while--and prior to that, I had only won maybe ten matches in Arcade Battle over two runs, without beating it:
The message that comes up is "Tekken 5 stages are now available via VS Battle STAGE SELECT"--which is true, but also not the whole story--because they're also available in Ghost Battle (and apparently Survival, although I didn't get them): they'll start to appear randomly after 8 or 9 matches.
In this session I went on to play Ghost Battle as King and Lili, and as King I went on a longish run of 20+ matches and did start to see the old stages popping up, the first at stage 9. : )
(Also, I've found that in Ghost Battle, when adjusting the Difficulty from the Pause menu, the new Difficulty setting doesn't really seem to kick in until you quit and restart the mode.)
(I learned a couple things from watching MrGSTAR321's T5DR play-through :
- "Armor King" in this game is actually "Armor King II," younger brother of Armor King. :p So technically he's a new character, which explains why he's featured prominently in the XMB art.
- I didn't get an ending when beating the game with Marduk, but there *is* a video ending when beating the game with Armor King (II)--so I suppose it's likely you also get an ending when beating it with the other new characters, Lili and Dragunov.
- The "New" stages do have new music.)
  paleface 10:40:13 02/16/21
Now that I'm playing the original PS2 Tekken 5 (entry 1405), comparison thoughts:
- Some of the fighting in DR may be more refined, for instance I find Marduk easier to use in DR--in 5, it's harder to play him as a simple big bopper (but much easier than in 4, where it was almost impossible)
- The music in 5 constantly impresses me, whereas the music in the new versions of the stages in DR did not
- The stages and characters in 5 are much more detailed, particularly in terms of surface effects--shine, etc; DR looks very flattish by comparison
- 5 of course has Story Battle (with individual stories, character interactions in some fights, end cinematics, etc) and Team Battle (I love doing 8-on-8 random team matches in Tekken games : D); it even has Ghost Battle (it is called Arcade Battle there, though, which is highly confusing)
- 5 has character customization as a separate mode with a GUI, so you can see customizations before you buy them! They're a bit more expensive, though, on the whole, and there are fewer of them; no flat-top for Paul, for instance
- 5's Ghost Battle-like "Arcade Battle" mode's difficulty setting *does* take effect on the fly, as does 6's--so DR's necessitating you to quit the mode and restart in order for the new difficulty to kick in in terms of opponent rank must be a bug, and a pretty bad one as far as Ghost Battle goes
The first point is a big one in favor of DR, as is having more customization options, although you can't see them in DR's text-only customization; the rest are more in favor of 5. Although regarding those two points for DR, 6 has even *more* refined gameplay under this engine, and more customization options, so where does that leave DR? Currently (I'm still in the process of churning through Story Battles for the default characters in 5) I'm leaning toward leaving DR uninstalled, favoring 6 for the most part (it also has more characters than 5 and DR, of course), but hitting 5 occasionally for a different flavor from the stages, the music, and the more streamlined and no-nonsense (I'm avoiding unlocking characters, so no bears, kangaroos, training bots) cast.
Awkward times with Marduk, and especially Steve and Xiaoyu in 5 are bothering me a bit, but I didn't get around to playing Steve and Xiaoyu in DR, so it's quite possible I would have had trouble (Steve's hair-trigger down-forward right punch launcher in 5--exposing my double-tap habit, where it triggers a second punch immediately, foiling the juggle after the launch--is a real bother, don't know if that's in DR; and Xiaoyu's movement with her moves is very restricted and frustrating) with them in DR as well, I don't know.
  paleface 03:42:01 04/04/21

After a week of being unable to re-download Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (Online) due to a PS3 server snafu that blocks you from downloading or playing purchased downloadable games unless you have Sony's 2-Step Verification enabled on your PSN account, got DR back on my PS3 just in time for this mega-session starring cute Paul in his crew cut which is *NOT* in Tekken 5 or 6, and Jinpachi, who is *also* not in either of those games:
0:00 - PS3 dl/play error workaround
1:50 - online rankings by region
4:36 - talking characters & versions
11:13 - Jinpachi
1:21:53 - Hwoarang
1:34:02 - Steve
1:37:09 - Paul
3:02:59 - wrap-up & what's next!
3:10:18 - more on the PS3 dl/play error workaround*
3:35:35 - final wrap!
* Here's where you activate 2-step verification for your PSN account:
Sony has told me they *are* working on fixing this as soon as possible, so if you wait it out, eventually they should fix it and you'll be able to play your downloadable purchased games without the whole 2SV thing.
The full process I actually did that fixed it for me--this was before I'd read that maybe all it took was activating the 2SV--was:
1) Log out of PSN on the PS3
2) Delete the Store app on the PS3 (the icon will remain)
3) Activate 2-step verification on your PSN account
4) Log in on the PS3
5) Click on the Store app on the PS3 to reinstall it
Some people on Twitter have told me they had to reboot after doing some or all of this stuff in order for their downloads to start working again.
Okay so having thought about it more, I have a few things left that I want to do in 5, which I *think* I can get done in my next 5 episode, ie tomorrow. Then I can focus on DR and 6. 'Cause aside from eh well the somewhat annoying difficulty switch not taking effect until you quit out bug, and the lack of a graphical preview for buying stuff, and the new versions of the old stages in some cases not being quite as cool, the old stages *are* here; there are essentially over twice as many stages and gear items to play with in Ghost Battle mode here in DR than are in 5 vanilla, and the whole thing is really sharp and smooth. 5 is cool for the other modes and extras, but for Ghost Battle play, I think I gotta go with the bigger version here in DR!
Plus I mean come on, that crew cut!
And Jinpachi ain't nothin' to snort at--he's really fun! Gotta get my Jinpach.
  paleface 04:06:28 04/04/21
The other game in which Jinpachi is playable is Tekken Tag Tournament 2; see entry 1391 about that game, but not specifically about Jinpachi in that game.
  paleface 19:18:49 04/11/21
Messing around with Armor King (okay according to the wiki he's actually he's Armor King II, younger brother of Armor King (I), replacing him for the first time since Marduk killed Armor King (I) in a bar brawl between Tekken 3 and 4 :P--but the game just calls him "Armor King" (there have been two "King" characters, too, since the original King was killed by Ogre between Tekken 2 and 3 :PP; the only story reason for having both a "King" and an "Armor King" in the first game was that uh they're both wrestlers with coincidentally similar names--time to fight); Tekken is weird :pp) in Ghost Battle mode of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on PS3, from 6th kyu rank! He can get a shiny silver robot mask!! And a big silly FF7-style (but shorter :P) sword on his armored back!

0:00 - start
1:30 - checking Armor King's costumes
6:38 - move list
9:42 - casual costume
45:55 - Promotion to 1st dan
1:00:35 - Robot Mask!
1:43:33 - battle costume
2:07:29 - goldenrod
2:14:55 - wrap-up & what's next!
I think I figured something out about how rank works in Ghost Battle, I mean where the ranks of your next opponents come from. It confused me for a while because in Ghost Battle of Tekken 5--where it's called Arcade Battle--and Tekken 6, the rank of the opponents it offers you seems to be based on your character's rank, scaled up or down based on the mode's difficulty setting, which you can change at any time in the pause menu.
DR doesn't work that way. Based on what I was seeing in this session, I think what it does is this: the rank of your first opponent is based on the difficulty level setting, and the rank of the next opponents is based on the rank of the opponent you just defeated; nothing is based on your rank, and nothing after the first opponent is based on the difficulty setting (until now I thought that was a bug in the game!). So, the only way to change the ranks of the opponents you're getting is with your selections from the three potential next opponents: the top one has a higher rank, the middle one is about the same rank as your current opponent, and the lower one is a lower rank. If the current rank has gotten too high, you can pick a lower-ranked opponent if you manage to defeat the current one--or you could set the difficulty to an easier setting, then quit and restart Ghost Battle; conversely, if you want more of a challenge, you could keep picking the higher ranked opponent option, and winning your way up to higher and higher ranked opponents--or set the difficulty to a higher setting, then quit and restart.
I think. : P
It takes more managing than the way it works in 5 and 6, and I can see why they went back to the more automatic scaling method after DR! DR's method does kind of make your choices feel a little more important and engaging, though. (I'm not sure 5 and 6 don't also adjust the next opponents based on the current opponent's rank; I don't think they do but they might, a little--gotta test that out in 6!)
I think my promotions stopped after I hit 1st dan because the opponents I was facing were mostly lower level. ; )
They would also go back to customization costing way more than it does in DR. : o In this single Armor King session here in DR, I was able to earn enough G$ to afford probably over half of the customizations I was interested in for him; in 5 or especially 6, that would take....a real long time. : ooo
Oh yeah and Armor King is real fun to play. He's got the same forward, half-circle-forward + Left Punch 720 spin throw thing, or well a very similar one, that King has (and nearly the same as Wolf Hawkfield's "Giant Swing" half-circle-forward throw in Virtua Fighter), and THAT'S fun, although here my ability to pull it off seemed to decay badly and later on I was mostly hopping up and punching air as I whiffed it; I think maybe the move buffering is more generous than VF5, time-wise, but the directional input processing is more strict.
I also like his big running kicks (singly for both L and R, and a leaping L+R two-footed kick); his back+LK is real good, his db+RK drop-kick is great, and his running, flying elbow smash rules. I'm sure he's got lots more great moves too but I'm not that good yet. ; )
  paleface 02:48:55 04/12/21
Correction to the above: checked in 6 and (and probably in 5 although I haven't checked there) actually I think it sets opponent ranks pretty much just like DR does, the only difference being that, in 6, the Difficulty setting helps massage the next opponent rank selections up or down faster.
  paleface 16:04:57 04/18/21
Finally realized I could customize my fighter while maintaining my stage count (and you need a stage count of at least 9 to have a chance of getting the "old" stages in Ghost Battle) by losing a match; and rather than just throw a match, I would keep picking the top opponent option until it got hard and someone beat me--then continue, and you're back at character select, where you can access the text-only customization menus. Yeah you can sort of stick yourself into fighting a really tough opponent this way, but they're generally all beatable *eventually*, even if it takes some luck ; )--and besides which, you get way more money for beating higher ranked opponents than lower-ranked ones (all relative to your own rank; you get less money for beating opponents of a given rank as your own rank rank catches up to theirs).
  paleface 22:04:01 04/25/21
Sillily I went through the agony of facing a pumped-up boss THREE MORE TIMES in Arcade Battle mode of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3, at first thinking this would unlock the ending movies for the three new characters: Emilie De Rochfort ("Lili"), Sergei Dragunov, and Armor King (II--younger brother of Armor King I, in his first appearance; AK I was killed by Marduk before Tekken 4); it doesn't--you just buy, download, and view those three movies in the game's Gallery mode for 50,000 G, no boss clear necessary. ; P Well I went ahead and beat Arcade with all three anyway (on Medium difficulty, three-rounds-to-win instead of just two, because I'm a fool) because you know, that's how it's supposed to be done. ; P

0:00 - online weekly rankings
4:15 - Lili Arcade Battle
31:01 - credits
37:24 - Lili Epilogue
40:16 - reading Lili's story from the Wiki
46:44 - reading Dragunov's prologue from the Wiki
48:32 - Dragunov Arcade Battle
1:16:32 - Dragunov Epilogue
1:17:26 - reading Dragunov's ending explanation from the Wiki
1:21:11 - reading Armor King's prologue story from the Wiki
1:22:28 - Armor King Arcade Battle
1:47:55 - Survival - Armor King G grind
1:56:28 - Armor King Epilogue
1:59:10 - Lili illustration, wrap-up, & what's next!
Man, trying to talk over that raucous Gallery background music was a bad idea. ;_;
Their story prologue text isn't in the game as far as I can tell; I read it off the Tekken Wiki ; their text for Lili and Dragunov's prologues is in italics, and reads like it was taken from somewhere official--the PSP version? Their Armor King II prologue is not in italics and sounds like they wrote it themselves.
In his Story Mode in the PSP version, he's just got very simple prologue text : "The mysterious masked wrestler, Armor King... Just who is behind the steel armor and black jaguar mask and what do they seek? The answer is veiled in mystery."
From their description of the Tekken 6 stories for these characters, it sounds like the DR endings (well not sure about AK's, that story is just confusing anyway ; ) were pretty much retconned away in that game.
Beating the boss:
This version of the boss is harder to see, more ruthless on his juggles, and bizarrely sort of machine-gun fakes his deadly chest plasma burst. Still, he isn't *too* much more difficult to beat than the version in 5 vanilla, I guess:
- Lili 29'27: took me a while to get it down, but really just up-forward left kick to float him, a few punch juggles, and a low kick or two for ground hits; repeat.
- Dragunov 1'11"04: down-forward right punch uppercut to float him, a few punch juggles, and a down-forward kick. I got two kicks in a few times but didn't quite figure out how that worked. : P
- Armor King 1'45"43: up-forward right kick to float him, then forward right punch, forward left punch. Forward-forward right kick from range can sometimes nail him, but sometimes he'll just auto-counter with his stun palm. ; P
Hopefully I never have to fight this darn boss ever again. ; P (Does his boss version ever show up in Ghost Battle?? : o) Other than him, Arcade Battle is actually pretty fun, it's nice that you mostly (except the first few rounds? and the boss) get to fight against customized "ghost" versions of the opponent characters.
  paleface 22:08:17 04/25/21
Hah I typoed Lili's last name, it's "Rochefort."
  paleface 18:12:20 05/02/21
Starting Ling Xiaoyu in Ghost Battle mode of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on PS3! She has lots of costumes (five!; but not so much compelling customization) and movement options (and twice as many moves as some characters!); I keep thinking she must be about combos but as far as I can find so far she's more about hit and run.

0:00 - weekly rankings
1:01 - costumes
11:09 - watch that first step
23:02 - trying the basics
48:17 - oh movement options and stances?!
1:24:49 - Hammer Shark keeps hitting me
1:44:22 - my head hurts
2:05:38 - wrap-up & what's next!
She's got a lot of fancy moves but it's a lot of work! I like her customized blue hair. I wish she could do a sweep without having to crouch first (can any characters in this game do a sweep directly from standing? I seem to assume they can). After being mind-blown by her variety of movement options I kept trying to use them when the opponent was right up in my grill; Hammer Shark gradually hammered it into my thick head that this was a mistake.
  paleface 22:02:06 06/13/21

Lei's style on regular moves is surprisingly sober; I only got the whirling stuff to come out once I started trying two-button inputs. He does have fairly short range but somehow I sort of cruised along just doing the usual Tekken attacks, with a little wilding out to close some rounds. He seems solid! Was a little disappointed with the costumization stuff I tried until I got the Errol Flynn mustache; that and the black coloring on the costume, oh and the Jackie Chan hairdo, makes him look pretty pimp.
  paleface 01:45:09 07/26/21
Ghost Battle mode in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3 is fun but maybe it shouldn't let me fight against really high ranked opponents because then I get myself into big trouble after cheesing my way up the opponent list until the dfRK spam I'm using stops working and then I'm severely outclassed--but I *needed* to get Heihachi's 350K Tiger Uniform! ;_;;

I'd noticed with other characters occasionally that dfRK--a lot of them seem to have more or less the same snap kick on that input--was unusually fast, well-ranged, and suited to catching the AI off-guard, but I never really tried exploiting it for more than one fight; but here I *really* wanted to get that 350K for the Tiger Uniform so of course I went right to the most horrid kind of move abuse! I suspected this would get me into trouble eventually and it sure did, then I got sad I couldn't beat the ridiculously high-ranked opponents against whom I found myself pitted.
Tiger Uniform is cool I guess but I was surprised how faded the color and pattern are; I seem to remember it being a lot bolder in 6. Oh well I set myself up for disappointment here.
And maybe I made myself hate the game. How many characters can abuse dfRK? This could be a real problem. Is it that abusable in Tag HD or 4?
Dark Lord is apparently the second-highest rank in the game--under "Divine Fist," according to GameFAQs. I didn't really come close to beating that Dark Lord Law, so I guess I can't quite cheese my way through everything with dfRK, which I guess is good--but I'm still in a spot where that move is the only logical choice until I "get good" and actually know how to play a character...which I won't if I'm just abusing that move.
And also there are too many characters I want(ed) to play--ten to twelve at last count, I think it was--to stop and learn one decently. So what do I do now? Try to find a character I like who *doesn't* have an abusable dfRK? I guess that's worth a shot. It would narrow down the roster for me, at least; if there aren't any such characters, I guess I'll have run myself out of the game...and then I can check if Tag HD and Tekken 4 have the same problem; I don't think I've noticed it in those games.
  paleface 20:25:17 07/26/21
I did an extra session here to try out the characters I was thinking of playing more, to see if any of them *can't* exploit that move (or down-forward-*left*-kick), so that I could still enjoy playing them; I was testing move spam against sorta high rank AIs in Ghost Battle, picked by the "Very Hard" difficulty setting (Ultra Hard at first was a bit *too* high rank for easy testing ; ):

0:00 - start
1:56 - Heihachi - can
8:36 - Devil Jin - can't
10:06 - Raven - can't
12:26 - Asuka - not really?
13:37 - Feng - can
14:44 - Asuka - kinda?
16:24 - Wong - short but kinda yeah
18:20 - Armor King - can
19:19 - Jinpachi - sure can
21:32 - Marduk - no but his bRK is kinda worse
25:42 - Law - can
27:07 - Hwoarang - can but has loads of other strong moves
30:57 - King - can w/ dfLK
32:51 - Lili - can't
34:07 - Dragunov - can
36:13 - Paul - can but has tons of OP stuff anyway
38:06 - Jack-5 - short but kinda but has loads of tough stuff
40:56 - Lei - can
46:11 - Nina - can
47:15 - Kazuya - can
52:05 - Jin - can't
53:22 - Lee - can
54:42 - Bryan - can't
58:52 - Anna - mayyybe w/ left kick?
1:02:10 - Christie - can't
1:03:00 - wrap-up!
So maybe overall this was an okay thing, because while I kinda had fun with the likes of Heihachi, Jinpachi, Marduk and King before I knew about this unbalanced-for-n00bs kick spam thing, now I've cut the playable roster down to a much more manageable size for myself; I've still got Devil Jin, Raven, Hwoarang, Lili, Paul, Jack-5, Jin, and Bryan.
Actually I'll probably have to find some way to whittle the list down further at some point because that's still eight characters, which is a lot to try to work on! Three of them--Hwoarang, Paul, and Jack-5--*can* spam dfRK pretty effectively, but they're also such strong characters that even a chump like me can mash out what seem to be--at least in this quick test--equally strong results with other moves.
If you're good at Tekken the whole single-move-spam thing probably isn't a problem for you since you can do way better stuff. For me though, it's definitely trouble!
  paleface 10:38:12 07/27/21
I'm told Divine Fist rank is exclusive to certain modes in the PSP version (and upon re-checking, I notice the rank list I found was on GameFAQs' PSP listing for the game; also the wiki describes Divine Fist in detail with modes that aren't in the PS3 version ); so I guess that Dark Lord I was fighting and not able to beat *was* the top rank in this PS3 version!
  paleface 19:22:57 08/08/21
Finally back for a second session with super ninja Raven in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3, from 1st kyu rank--starting to dig into his MA style and customizations just a bit:

He's got some cool colors and I love his Rainbow Hair / Face Paint combination, which I certainly did not expect. ^_^ Hope to find a few more things like that. His moves are interesting, the style is just maybe a little more stylish and sort of one-two hit-dependent than most of the cast in a way that certainly isn't obviously overpowering, but keeps you pressing those buttons. And he's got I think one of my two favorite voices in the game, along with Wang (hm Nina's is pretty good, too).
Hm, the Wiki says this about him:
"Raven is one of the trickiest and hard to use characters in the series. Most of his attacks are really unsafe, so he's best used as a defensive/runaway character: he has an incredible ability to reverse and parry attacks, and also has the ability to backflip out of the situation. To complement his capability to set the pace of a match, Raven has some good poke and pressure options. As with other tricky characters, gaining familiarity to his moveset is the key to use him effectively."
So it sounds like there's at least another layer or two beyond what I've found just by hitting buttons. ; ) Which is fine I guess, because I'm terrible at reversals, and I don't know if I'd have the patience to play a hit-and-run style--okay I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. : PP
  paleface 22:57:45 08/29/21
I thought I was just going to have a nice fun session of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3 in Ghost Battle mode with Jack-5, bashing and chopping away and playing with his customization options, but then I found that he can just spam the AI with his down-forward+Right-Kick (after back+Right-Punch had already been looking a little problematic).
But if he has that problem, what about the six other character I'd thought didn't have it either? So then I had to check them too...
When I first found and examined this problem with the cast a month ago, I thought I'd found seven characters I could play who didn't have an unbalancing spam attack: Jack-5, Raven, Hwoarang, Lili, Paul, Jin, and Bryan. I think I'd missed the problem in Jack because his kicks look so stubby compared to his huge arm attacks--but if you just micro-dash forward between kicks, you can keep getting them in right on the AI's chin.
I found I could also just spam dfRK with Raven, Hwoarang, Lili, and Paul. Jin and Bryan were a little different--I had to find some other attack to spam. ; ) With Jin, his dfRK kind of worked, but fRK was just ridiculous! With Bryan, LK and bRK might have worked out with a little practice, but maybe the better candidate was fLK, which was only slightly tricky because of its short range.
I did find that with a few of them, such as Bryan and I think Lili, I would sometimes have to block a little. ; ) But even then it fell into a pretty easy pattern, like kick kick block, kick kick block...
At first I had thought this was a problem with specific moves, but it's so widespread I guess it's more of an AI problem, that the AI just can't mount a sustained defense against repeated attack moves of certain ranges and speed. It's pretty similar to a defensive weakness the AI has in Virtua Fighter 5 Final/Ultimate Showdown (see entry 1408).
It seems like a little more than a coincidence that both Tekken and VF started having AI defensive shortcomings in their fifth series. Can we blame this on an increasing focus on online multiplayer (ooh that wouldn't apply to their very first game 5s though!) and long combos? So they just didn't bother testing the AI against a button-mashing, combo-hating, single-playing moron like me?
Well oh and maybe more to the point, maybe the arcade crowds had shrunk and specialized to such a degree that Namco and Sega realized single-player was no longer much of a money-maker there, so there was no point in dedicating many resources to creating really robust AI that could prevent the player from cheesing their way through arcade mode?
Anyway I guess I've ruined the game for myself. But this will give me more time to play Tekken 4 (see entry 280) and Tekken Tag Tournament HD (1402)! Four of the characters I was playing here--Hwoarang, Paul, Jin, and Bryan--are in Tekken 4, so I can raise the six-character team I had just narrowed things down to there to ten characters. You can only field a team of eight characters in the Team Battle mode I've been playing there, though, so I made myself a team building script that will pick eight of the ten, in random order, for a Tekken 4 team:
In Tag HD I just play everyone in Team Battle, it's nuts but I think that's what I like about that game. Maybe I'll end up boiling it down to a smaller selection of the cast there eventually, I dunno.
  paleface 22:58:20 08/29/21
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