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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
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  "Raven sure looks like Blade. Is cool. Prepares to choose next Ghost Battle opponent."

Spent my whole first session with the game very confused about names. The only place I could find the names of characters was first names only, for a few seconds as text-only options for your next opponent in Ghost Battle. Hey Namco, you know where names would be handy? Printed in big letters next to characters on the character selection screen! The announcer does say their name when you pick them, but in a sort of background effect that's hard to hear clearly--and which I immediately forget anyway, a problem I also have with hearing names in real life, they really do go in one ear and out the other. : P
And I didn't figure out that the name you can enter in Ghost Battle is totally meaningless; it isn't a per-character persona or filing name or anything, it's just an on-screen label you can change at any time. The UI to enter or clear it is a real pain, and I should have just changed it to "smbhax 2000," so viewers would at least be clued into which person I was, and left it there.
Oh yeah and some of the characters seem to have been renamed since I saw them in Tekken 2, or replaced by clones or siblings or something with different names? What the heck.
Anyway. I still don't really get the one-button-per-limb control scheme, and everything feels the same weight and just button mashy, and a lot of the characters seem to have been made incredibly generic almost on purpose. But this port from the PSP is sharp, if somewhat low-poly, in 1080p on the PS3, fast, has *some* fun characters (still have more to explore!), some cool stages and tunes (although I'm not keen on a few of the tracks, which is not a problem I had in T1 or T2), and Ghost Battle may be pretty much the perfect balance for a single-player continual fighting mode: enough choice in customization and opponent to make it feel varied, but not so streamlined as to start feeling stressful (VF4 Kumite...then again, I'm still at low ranks here, so I guess it wouldn't...), and not so complicated with areas and side-things (VF5 Quest) that I have to break off what I'm doing to go think about other stuff; nope, it's just got that "one more fight" thing going on. Or is that just "one more character" for me for now, and I'll get bored once I've run out of new characters to try?
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