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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
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  "Raven sure looks like Blade. Is cool. Prepares to choose next Ghost Battle opponent."

Spent my whole first session with the game very confused about names. The only place I could find the names of characters was first names only, for a few seconds as text-only options for your next opponent in Ghost Battle. Hey Namco, you know where names would be handy? Printed in big letters next to characters on the character selection screen! The announcer does say their name when you pick them, but in a sort of background effect that's hard to hear clearly--and which I immediately forget anyway, a problem I also have with hearing names in real life, they really do go in one ear and out the other. : P
And I didn't figure out that the name you can enter in Ghost Battle is totally meaningless; it isn't a per-character persona or filing name or anything, it's just an on-screen label you can change at any time. The UI to enter or clear it is a real pain, and I should have just changed it to "smbhax 2000," so viewers would at least be clued into which person I was, and left it there.
Oh yeah and some of the characters seem to have been renamed since I saw them in Tekken 2, or replaced by clones or siblings or something with different names? What the heck.
Anyway. I still don't really get the one-button-per-limb control scheme, and everything feels the same weight and just button mashy, and a lot of the characters seem to have been made incredibly generic almost on purpose. But this port from the PSP is sharp, if somewhat low-poly, in 1080p on the PS3, fast, has *some* fun characters (still have more to explore!), some cool stages and tunes (although I'm not keen on a few of the tracks, which is not a problem I had in T1 or T2), and Ghost Battle may be pretty much the perfect balance for a single-player continual fighting mode: enough choice in customization and opponent to make it feel varied, but not so streamlined as to start feeling stressful (VF4 Kumite...then again, I'm still at low ranks here, so I guess it wouldn't...), and not so complicated with areas and side-things (VF5 Quest) that I have to break off what I'm doing to go think about other stuff; nope, it's just got that "one more fight" thing going on. Or is that just "one more character" for me for now, and I'll get bored once I've run out of new characters to try?
  paleface 18:58:11 11/19/20
Man there are some clunky things about the user interface/experience with Ghost Battle, like not being able to see character names or costumes, no quick way to see what you have equipped, and not being able to back out of selection on the character select screen--and especially, being matched up against a mid-level character to begin with, even if you're a rank beginner! (And while you can pick a lower-level opponent if you win, you can't if you lose!! : o)
  paleface 18:58:26 11/19/20
This FAQ lists costumes
According to the FAQ, *most* characters have just two costumes:
Costume 1: select w/ [ ] or /\
Costume 2: select w/ X or O
The exceptions (extra costumes) listed in the FAQ and cheats are:
Anna: /\
Asuka: /\, O
Bruce: /\
Ganryu: /\
Jin: /\
Jinpachi: /\
Lee: /\
Ling: /\, O, R1+R2+Start
Marshall: /\
Raven: /\
Yoshimitsu: /\
  paleface 18:40:09 12/31/20

Finally playing through Arcade Battle mode in Tekken 5: Dark -Resurrection on PS3 with Craig Marduk, then trying out Marshall Law and Hwoarang in Ghost Battle mode!
Was surprised there's no dialogue with other characters, and no ending whatsoever, in Arcade Battle--but checking afterwards, I find that that stuff was indeed left behind in Tekken 5 on PS2 (and maybe Tekken Dark Resurrection on PSP?). That darn lava boss was a real pain until I learned to a) dodge and b) just do juggles from down-left-punch. :p Also I had bear problems. : o
In the pause menu of at least Arcade Battle and Ghost Battle modes you can change the difficulty on the fly--changing it to Easy in Ghost Battle before you select a new character will tend to make it so that new character's first fight is against a low ranked opponent, rather than a medium-ranked one. Phew. I'd somehow managed to overlook the pause menu difficulty setting all this time, argh! ; )
Unlike Tekken 6 though, here when I cranked the difficulty up to Ultra, it wasn't offering me super high-rank opponents. Hm. My test character in 6 was somewhat higher rank to start with though, so maybe that had something to do with it? (Huh no I checked this later and I was getting "Sage" and other very high ranks challenging me in DR, after selecting a character when the difficulty had already been set to Ultra.)
And I finally realized--after doing it in T6--that I could raise the rounds-to-win in Ghost Battle from just 2 to the beefier 3, which is what you get in for instance Virtua Fighter "Quest" modes, so I did that. : )
Apparently in the PSP version of the game, you can download additional "ghost" characters to fight against as customized AIs. In the PS3 version--even if you've purchased the "Online Expansion" DLC--more on that in the next video!--there's no downloading ghosts. (In 6 on PS3 you *can* download "ghosts" featuring the rank and customized appearances of anybody who goes into the Online Mode menu of that game--even your own!)
  paleface 19:43:05 01/01/21

Finally stumbled across the "Online Expansion" DLC for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3. ; ) It adds Online Battle, Survival, and Practice modes, some new pictures (TTT?) to the Gallery, and...maybe some new ghost AI characters? Okay I'm not sure about that last one but optimistically I like to think it does. ^_^
So I check the new modes out--don't find anyone to play in Online Battle, mind you, and you can't download ghosts in it like you can in Tekken 6--and also go over the "Old" vs the "New" stages in the game: the "Old" stages are from Tekken 5 (PS2), and have to be unlocked; mostly there are already "New" remixes of them, but actually I think I like the "Old" versions more for the most part. : D
The way to unlock them currently listed on GameFAQs though--beat Arcade Battle 3 times--isn't quite correct; it's actually either total matches won (20 to 30?) in any mode, and/or maybe time played: . For instance, I got the message after returning to the main menu from playing Ghost Battle for a while--and prior to that, I had only won maybe ten matches in Arcade Battle over two runs, without beating it:
The message that comes up is "Tekken 5 stages are now available via VS Battle STAGE SELECT"--which is true, but also not the whole story--because they're also available in Ghost Battle (and apparently Survival, although I didn't get them): they'll start to appear randomly after 8 or 9 matches.
In this session I went on to play Ghost Battle as King and Lili, and as King I went on a longish run of 20+ matches and did start to see the old stages popping up, the first at stage 9. : )
(Also, I've found that in Ghost Battle, when adjusting the Difficulty from the Pause menu, the new Difficulty setting doesn't really seem to kick in until you quit and restart the mode.)
(I learned a couple things from watching MrGSTAR321's T5DR play-through :
- "Armor King" in this game is actually "Armor King II," younger brother of Armor King. :p So technically he's a new character, which explains why he's featured prominently in the XMB art.
- I didn't get an ending when beating the game with Marduk, but there *is* a video ending when beating the game with Armor King (II)--so I suppose it's likely you also get an ending when beating it with the other new characters, Lili and Dragunov.
- The "New" stages do have new music.)
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