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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
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The second of Capcom's 2-on-2 Marvel fighting games is pretty much a remix of the first--X-Men vs. Street Fighter--plus some characters swapped in from their earlier, 1-on-1 Marvel Super Heroes game.
They threw in some extra modes to try to make up for it, and you can play VS CPU this time, but ehh I dunno. Well for one thing the character balance is pretty whacked out, so VS CPU is pretty ropey. But also they decided to change the way health bars work, so here, when you win a round, your health meter stays at whatever fractional level it might be at, instead of filling back up, and you have to play the next round from that health deficit. I guess they did something like this in one or two of the Darkstalkers or Vampire or whatever fighting games, but the way they did it there felt much more organic.
And for some reason they made Wolverine's jumping Heavy Kick now drop straight down. UGH.
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