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Capcom Fighting Jam
  opened by paleface at 23:06:53 11/05/20  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
Japanese version of Capcom Fighting Evolution (see entry 713), pretty much the same except:
- win quotes are only in Japanese (the English ones are pretty bad though so even though I can't read Japanese, this might be a plus for me :P)
- character and game names are of course the Japanese ones, not the ones some were changed to in the US--for instance, in Japan, "Darkstalkers" is "Vampire" and "Red Earth" is "War-Zard"; the surprise for me was though that some of the Red Earth/War-Zard character names are different: "Hydron" is "Nool" (;D), and Kenji is "Mukuro" (not to be confused from the reanimated corpse in The Last Blade 2--see entry 1295)
- "Jam" is obviously such a better name than "Evolution"!
Oh yeah also the Jam disc art is better. So I think I'm probably going to play Jam instead of Evolution. : D
  paleface 23:17:33 11/05/20
Oh, see I got the Japanese version because the US version didn't have move lists in it, and I was getting confused trying to keep up with the various inputs for each different batch of characters in this mash-up, since for instance the SF Zero characters use SF Zero (Alpha) button conventions, but the SF2 characters use SF2 conventions, and the SF3 characters use SF3 conventions...:P
Well I also noticed that there was, somewhat surprisingly, a BradyGames print guide for this game--their guides tend to be thick and glossy and deluxe and this game isn't any of those things. Anyway I thought maybe there was a chance that they pulled Street Fighter Alpha Anthology on it (see entry 1373) and that maybe it *had* move lists in the Japanese version, but they took them out of the US version as part of the BradyGames deal, to try to sell more of the print guide. Grr.
So I got the Japanese version of Evolution--Jam! And no, still no move lists. ; ) (And I tend to think BradyGames didn't sell many copies of their guide...)
  paleface 19:56:02 12/08/20

I knew people didn't think this game was well done; it's kind of loopy so naturally I've had a soft spot for it, buuuut yeah I'm starting to find some not-so-great things about it too. ; )
- Character and character color selection is hard-mapped to the buttons on the PS2 controller; if you remap your buttons in the game's Options, the buttons as you remapped them will not line up with how they select characters and character colors--you'll have to remember their original mapping in your head.
For instance, to select which of your team's two characters plays in the next round, you hit either two Punch buttons for the first character, or two Kick buttons for the second character--but if you've remapped your attack buttons who the heck knows what you hit? You'll have to remember what the default attack buttons are. : P So with the mapping I've made on my arcade stick, instead of pressing two "Punch" buttons to select the first character, I hit what are now my LP and LK buttons, and for two "Kick" buttons to select the second character, I press my MP and MK buttons. ; P
Likewise, for the "Punch" character color (default color), I press the Square button, which is actually now my LK button, and for the "Kick" character color, on the character selection screen I press the X button, which I have remapped to LP. :ppp
This isn't unique to CFJ, though; Capcom inflicted that annoyance on most of their PS2-era fighting games.
- For some bizarre reason I can't fathom, the "Street Fighter II" characters--Ryu, Zangief, Guile, and Dictator ("Vega" in this Japanese version, "M.Bison" in the US) don't hit MP, HP, MK, or HK at point-blank range to throw the enemy, like they did in (most of?) the Street Fighter II games; instead, they have to hit LP+LK--which is the throw input for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and the one used for the four "Street Fighter III"-designated characters here: Alex, Chun-Li, Yun, and Urien. Does this make sense to anyone? I mean, one of the reasons I like SFII is because it doesn't have a stupid two-button throw input, but here they've arbitrarily messed it up! Garghg.
- I'm starting to find more characters I don't really want to keep playing--this isn't necessarily Jam's fault. For instance, in most games I have trouble with Chun-Li's move set--that proximity back flip and I dunno, really none of it fits together well in my head. Same deal here. Zangief I like as a character (just read in a FAQ that they redrew his head on his Alpha 2 sprite for this game : p) but am usually not very good at playing, and that continues to be the case here--and now his regular throw inputs are harder (LP+LK, 3rd Strike-style, for no good reason!). And I've always been terrible with Alex in 3rd Strike, and still am with him here.
(Guile, on the other hand, I'm usually bad with, but I was kind of rocking with him here, just his normal attacks--I'm still bad with his special moves. : P Note to self: he has two supers here, one of the weird diagonal type, but one that's just B,F,B,F+some button, or something of that sort.)
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