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Tekken 5
  opened by paleface at 02:59:42 02/14/21  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]

Checking out most of the menus and modes in Tekken 5 on PS2! Playing around, discussing unlocking stuff and differences between this game and Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on PS3, as well as Tekken 4 on PS2, Tekken 6 on PS3, and even a bit of Tekken Tag Tournament HD on PS3. I unlock the young kangaroo Roger Jr. and beat his story mode; that unlocks Theater mode and I run through the old Tekken 5 trailers in there--plus the Arcade versions of Tekkens 1 through 3 and loads of other stuff! Not much Devil Within mode though :P; it looks like I won't need to play that to get the stages (and character) I wanted for Arcade Battle and Team Battle modes. : D
0:00 - overview & options
7:11 - "widescreen" option
12:54 - discussion of stage graphics vs Dark Resurrection
22:50 - Practice mode
29:13 - Tekken: Devil Within (480i, doesn't work w/ arcade stick 'p')
35:23 - Tekken AC Version
45:43 - Tekken 2 AC Version (Tekken 2 Ver. B)
57:43 - Tekken 3 AC Version
1:14:54 - Team Battle - 8-on-8 random
1:27:04 - Survival - Craig Marduk
1:36:07 - Time Attack - Paul Phoenix - clear (unlocks Roger Jr.)
1:59:13 - Story Battle - Roger Jr. - clear (unlocks Anna Williams, Theater mode)
2:26:48 - Opening
2:30:41 - Opening - AC Version -
2:31:51 - AC 2004 E3 Trailer
2:35:43 - AC Private Show JP
2:39:35 - AC Private Show US
2:43:29 - AC 2004 TGS Trailer JP
2:48:34 - AC 2004 TGS Trailer US
2:54:54 - Arcade Battle - Nina Williams
3:18:35 - Customize
3:30:29 - Arcade Battle (3 Rounds) - Bryan Fury
3:37:50 - wrap-up & what's next!
3:48:34 - hidden & purchasable costumes
3:57:46 - final wrap & next! (hint: Story Battles)
Stuff I found:
- don't need to "unlock" Final 1 & 2, Cathedral stages (via Devil Within) for Arcade/Team, they already show up there
- don't need to quit for difficulty select to take effect in Arcade (unlike DR's Ghost Battle)
- don't need to unlock random select for Team (press Start)
- Time Attack also unlocks characters (1st clear w/ Paul unlocked Roger Jr.), not just Story Battle
- GUI preview for Customize (unlike DR)
- not as many Customize items as DR
- Customize items cost more than in DR, less than 6 (except colors)
- costumes to buy for Xiaoyu, Asuka, Christie (Eddy) at least
- Xiaoyu secret schoolgirl costume on shoulder buttons
- Devil Within needs gamepad
- Arcade Battle is what DR and T6 call "Ghost Battle"
- can't see character names in Arcade Battle (after opponent select)
- can't remap buttons in Tekken AC versions 'p'
- Arcade History games, dip switches run in 240p or 480i
- Progressive screen option in Options menu!
- 16:9 "Widescreen" option is fake, just cuts top and bottom off and stretches vertically
- Practice move list has Demo function!
- characters & stages look much more detailed than DR
- if I don't unlock characters in 5, they're in 6 anyway :P
- Devil is in Tekken 2 arcade Rev B (had thought first appeared in T3, with Jin 'p')
- Jun is in Tekken 2: she was later made Jin's (Tekken 3) mother
  paleface 03:33:19 02/14/21
- characters & stages have far more detail on the PS2 than in the PSP-ported PS3 version ("Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection")
  paleface 15:20:47 02/14/21
- forgot that, as far as playable characters go, compared with Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, besides Jinpachi, 5 also doesn't have DR's three new characters: Armor King II (no Armor King I, either :p), Lili, and Sergei Dragunov
- I incorrectly said Devil Within only runs in 480i, even if you've set Tekken 5 to Progressive display (480p or "525p")--that is incorrect; DW does run in Progressive, it just switches to interlaced momentarily when starting and exiting
  paleface 21:04:28 02/14/21

Playing through Story Battle for Craig Marduk--with a bit...okay a lot! of trouble getting past the final boss--and Marshall Law in Tekken 5 on PS2!
Also demonstrated a silly point with the Progressive video mode option--just that although you have to turn it back on each time you boot up the game from scratch, the game does remember the Progressive setting when you toggle through one of the other modes, like Devil Within or the emulated games in Arcade History, even though those modes say unsaved settings will be lost. ; )
0:00 - Progressive video mode doesn't save...mostly
8:10 - Story Battle: Marduk (Normal difficulty)
1:35:50 - Story Battle: Law
2:14:00 - character thoughts
2:19:40 - some Feng Arcade Battle 'p'
2:29:23 - wrap-up & what's next! (way more Story Battle 'ooo')
- Marduk is very improved over 4 but still surprisingly tricky to use if you're used to him from 5 Dark Resurrection or 6
- Marduk's punch launcher is on left, not right! : o So's his kick launcher. Was he supposed to be a lefty or something? (I'm a lefty so you'd think this would work for me har)
- just hold back to roll back on wake-up, dummy :P
- unlike 4, in 5 there are no major "starters" among those who are unlocked via the Story Battle / Time Attack unlock maybe there *are* no character-based unlock shortcuts like there were in 4 where characters like Paul and Nina started out locked
  paleface 14:38:23 02/15/21
Marduk story: his story is horrible, he's a horrible, abusive person, UGH!
Marduk vs boss: left jab to keep him off, down-forward left punch to uppercut him for an easy punch juggle, forward-forward right punch for knock-down from a distance
Law story: why are Law's stories always both silly AND depressing??
Law vs boss: up-forward right(?) flip-kick w/ punch finish beat him (okay, barely ;) on the first try!! That flip-kick has surprising range and great speed.
  paleface 18:46:23 02/15/21

0:00 - Hwoarang
42:17 - King
1:26:27 - Raven
1:57:03 - Asuka
2:26:16 - Feng
3:30:35 - Christie
The boss fight is still a big sticking point, at least for me with certain characters; it tends to be a real sink or swim difference, depending on whether I can find a specific attack to exploit--oh and I don't know that you can really fight him in the normal sense, because he's got unblockable attacks--his chest plasma burst, and his stun palm--that lead to huge damage and effectively prevent you from being able to block. So I found I either had to have a fast knock-down attack with which to rush him down and keep him from doing his big nasty stuff, or (this is much harder because you actually have to read him a bit) a fairly fast, long-range knock-down that would let me stand well back, out of range of his stun palm, and with enough distance to dodge his chest plasma burst easily, and then just swat him when he'd try to rush in:
Hwoarang 34'32: just rush him down with forward + both punches :P
King 1'20"52: just rushed him down with forward + alternating kicks
Raven 1'50"49: rushed him down alternating forward + both punches & up-forward + right kick
Asuka 2'21"04: just rush down w/ forward punches :P
Feng 3'25"32: hang back, hit him w/ down-forward right(?) punch when he comes in
Christie 4'43"25: Argh! Down-forward left(?) punches to push him back, then up-forward right kick hoping for more push-back or knock-down to get clear, then up-forward right kick when he comes in
And the stories themselves? Welllll some are okay, some redeem themselves right at the end, Feng's is eh (but he starts as such a horrible person it would have been tough to make the player care), and the women's (Asuka and Christie here, at least) are all about men. :P
  paleface 12:19:34 02/16/21
King's Giant Swing throw (46'05 - forward, half-circle-forward, left punch) is a lot of fun! It's...well, it's pretty much just like Wolf Hawkfield's half-circle-forward "Giant Swing" throw in Virtua Fighter 5 (see entry 1224). ; )
  paleface 20:10:24 02/16/21

Repeat to beat the boss:
Paul 25'37 - down-forward right punch
Jack-5 47'45 - down-forward right punch
Lei 1'24"45 - up-forward right(?) kick
Nina 1'55"25 - forward + both punches
Steve 2'36"08 - down-forward right punch, back right punch
Xiaoyu - 3'14"40 - down-forward right kick, nudge forward
Not tooo much trouble vs the boss in this episode, but ran into trouble on the way there with those last two: Steve with his down-forward right punch uppercut launcher being re-triggerable immediately, weirdly, and thus revealing my bad double-tap habit--and preventing me from juggling it properly, unless I gave that hand something else to do right after the down-forward, like back; and Xiaoyu with movement contraints on many of her moves, and not many easily found juggles.
I've worked out a plan (may change ;) for how to fit 5 into my little Tekken universe! It's the simple and obvious one, I guess: just don't unlock any characters (even Devil Jin: already have one Jin, don't think I need another with a laser bean and those big wings that get in the way of seeing the fight :P), and use 5 for a different flavor of randomized 8-on-8 Team Battle, like I do with Tag HD and 4. That way I can leave Ghost Battle (aka "Arcade Battle" in 5) to 6, which has most customization options and downloadable ghosts, anyway. All sorted out now, hurrah! : D
  paleface 18:58:13 03/21/21

I keep playing Baek Doo San in Tekken, thinking I should like him; here I thought it was working, then found I could only beat tough matches by spamming his left jab--but then I got a bit better with his other punches, and things opened up...but then I got myself into a match against a named rank AI and guess what I had to resort to?
0:00 - Customize
6:16 - Arcade Battle
1:10:35 - promoted to 5th kyu
1:45:37 - vs Champion Lei 'o'
2:06:27 - getting past Champ
2:11:22 - wrap-up & what's next!
So for my second match at 1st dan rank, my choice of opponents was suddenly only three named ranks: Champion, Master, and Shihan. At the time I didn't know where those fell in the rank order, except that they were way above mine--and I was mostly just stunned that the game had suddenly decided to offer me such a high-level opponent roster! : o (And this is on the default, Medium difficulty.) And you get like 2 seconds to decide and I panicked and for some reason picked the top, Master option--I think because it was a Lei and I thought he might be easier than a Marduk or Law--which of course was the worst choice rank-wise, since the choices are always ordered with the top rank as the top choice and the lowest rank at the bottom. : P
I have some kind of complex against just *not* playing Baek, like it would make me a bad person or something. I can't seem to do much with his kicks in 5; I can't find a fast single kick on him, which seems really weird. I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm playing 6 tomorrow so I guess I'll try Baek there to see if it feels like I can do more with him--and if his jab spam nonsense still works. : P
Okay I looked up the rank FAQ and there is one character of each character per rank--so one Champion ranked Lei, one Champion ranked Anna, one 5th dan ranked Lei, one 5th dan ranked Anna, etc. And the ranks go: Beginner, 9th to 1st kyu, 1st to 5th (not 10th!!) dan, then Shihan, Expert, Master, Virtuoso, Champion, Legend, Sage, Warlord, Conqueror, Deity, Tekken Lord.
So I beat (eventually) a Champion, still a ways from the top. Weird how the dans just go up to 5th.
  paleface 21:34:46 03/27/21
The number of dan ranks varies by discipline; in martial arts, it is most commonly five or ten.
  paleface 04:12:28 04/05/21

You can unlock Devil Jin in Tekken 5--I'd read--either by completing the "Devil Within" mode starring him in 3rd-person 3d platformer/beat-em-up mode, or by completing 200 fighting matches in Tekken 5. I am not going to play a non-fighting game mode, so it would have to be 200 matches--and I thought I was close. I thought I only had 20, maybe 30 matches left, at most.
My math was off. By 30 matches. : P
So by playing eh 60 or so Arcade Battle--aka "Ghost Battle"--matches with various characters, I finally got Devil Jin unlocked, and played through his Story Battle. It took a while. Somewhere in the middle I sort of gave up in exasperation and played through Tekken 5's included arcade version of Tekken 3 as Bryan Fury, with like 1.5 functioning button mappings (T3 arcade port uses PS face buttons, not your T5remapped attack buttons, which sort of made it messy on my arcade stick I just mashed Right Punch mostly, which had miracularly stayed in the same place). That somehow recharged my batteries, and I tore back in to just ripping through matches to get that darn Devil:
0:00 - start, messing
5:51 - Customize - Kazuya
13:39 - Kazuya - Arcade Battle
38:15 - Law
54:46 - Feng
1:37:22 - Bruce
2:04:52 - Tekken 3 - Bryan play-through mash
2:25:00 - Jack-5 - Arcade Battle
3:08:47 - Devil Jin!
3:10:50 - Devil Jin - Story Battle
3:30:19 - end cinematic
3:31:09 - credits
3:35:13 - Customize - Devil Jin
3:40:10 - wrap-up & what's next!
3:46:38 - VF5 Ultimate Showdown?
I kept kind of hitting a wall with the characters I picked for Arcade Battle, after 5 matches or so. Oh this was on Medium difficulty. Couldn't juggle for heck with Bruce, for instance! Jack-5 finally jackhammered to the Devil though, whew.
DJ is pretty strong. I used up-forward Right Kick, I think it was, repeatedly to beat the boss, but it felt like probably just about anything he had would have done. This was the first time I'd played him in 5 but I just mashed through his Story Battle on a single credit, at the default Medium difficulty (and set to 3 rounds to win instead of the default mere 2). So yeah he's strong. : o
Unlocking Devil Jin also unlocked the two boss wasteland stages, Final Stage and Final Stage 2, for selection in Practice (and probably 2-player Versus).
I think this means I might be able to let 5 rest and concentrate on Ghost Battle in 5 Dark Resurrection and 6.
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