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Infra Arcana
  opened by paleface at 00:04:14 10/04/21  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Roguelike; loc=EUR]
Getting into the free, H.P. Lovecraft-themed roguelike game Infra Arcana on PC!

Infra Arcana can be downloaded for PC and Linux from its official site:
Those stylish graphical tiles are by
Intra Arcana, a 1529 papal bull of Clement VII:
The deaths of the sadistic Droves and lucky-til-then Baines were both due to massive tactical mistakes ^_^, so really they were simply cosmic justice. Lots to learn but dang what fun! Gonna see if I can get the "vi" movement scheme down to help with my diagonals dilemma; looks like all four roguelikes I've glommed onto support it. : )
  paleface 16:34:22 12/19/21

If only I could get the hang of look-around being v instead of x like it is in the other rogue-likes = ooo
Melee/gun/explosives combat is a lot of fun, but you can only have like 1.2 pitched battles per floor before shock shoos you away. HM. Health regen would've been a more straight-up melee choice than getting gun skills, ah well maybe next time.
I *was* going PrEtTy ~insane~ &YW@W*IU8. Good thing that darkness phobia didn't kick in all the time.
These cultists sure like their cell blocks. 'p'
Hm so don't get hit by a shapeshifter in Giant Mantis form, that seems to hurt a lot 1:37:49 .
Pylons have been really boring in their re-introduction in this build.
I forgot about having the Teleport spell at the end, after I'd used my scrolls of it--had 7 spirit and it cost 4-8, so there was only a 40% chance it would'a killed me outright, ah well, I prolly would've just teleported back to that shapeshifter and besides I was going plenty barmy as it was.
Hm I suppose for that matter the wise route would be to get Strong Spirit or whatever once you've got Teleport memorized, that way you always have that in your back pocket and maybe "only" a 20% chance of instant death from Spirit drain.
An iron suit sure would help. = p Although hm then I couldn't carry all those guns and boom booms, well dang. Turns out maybe you DO get a good arsenal going if you survive long enough, but encumbrance really becomes an issue. This game probably makes a lot more sense if you just play an Occultist or maybe an Exorcist, then again they probably would have been straight killed by that single shape-shifted Giant-Mantis-outta-nowwhere hit. Jeez man.
  paleface 16:04:43 12/26/21
Infra Arcana version 21.0+ (12/25/21 local build 9cbea103), as War Veteran:

I have a guide for compiling Infra Arcana for free in Windows in the description of the video above.
Dying in one ambush after another--and for once--or maybe the second, after last time--I didn't feel like most of the deaths were due to obvious immediate tactical mistakes. It's almost as though the game is trying to tell me that going melee is bad strategy, hm? Well gosh.
I did take Stout Spirit or whatever too early to be of practical use to me in that one run, that was definitely a sort of additional medium strategic mistake. 'p'
Oh yeah and then I got caught with a pistol when I had stronger guns available that I was trying to "save for later," that was a tactical error, yep.
I did fail to notice my flak jacket had been reduced from 3 to 1 armor at one point, too; trying to live in melee without decent armor is just completely suicidal; unfortunately for this attempted subclass, strong hits from monsters can just shred weaker armor--and I haven't found an "iron suit" (AC 5) for months.
Trying to go melee WV is feeling like swimming up-stream, and is probably just a bad idea. Although not as dependent on random drops as guns--I did feel lacking in escape options in that run where I found no scrolls--melee is lower to-hit and damage, and more vulnerable to the bad stuff the game throws at you.
With ghouls being icky and dependent on random body drops, and tool specialists or whatever likely to depend on random gear drops, and rogues being, well, stealth, for which I have an old distaste from other games, probably back to the original Thief, that leaves me with spell casting classes, who can fall back on their inherent magical ability--but I'm not convinced yet that I want to play spell casters in any game. For now I guess I'll go back to bashing things in Angband and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  paleface 20:16:48 12/27/21

I came back for another shot after getting good tips from veteran player GJ in the Infra Arcana discord channel (invite link on the game's web site front page): basically you can't play as a tank and take hits, so even with melee traits you can't sit there slugging it out, you've got to do things like chip away at enemies as they come in (don't forget you start with throwing knives, for instance), kick them back (higher melee skill helps kicking!), and use smoke grenades (get that gas mask on though : o) to cut line-of-site from ranged opponents, especially spellcasters.
Speaking of which, Keziah Mason. 'o' Seems if I don't get the drop on her with a heavy gun I just go all to pieces; some really bad drops here, esp when I saw her familiar Brown Jenkin yet forgot I'd been in the middle of switching guns, and still didn't have any gun equipped when I ran into her--and then, after I'd escaped once, forgetting the gun AGAIN, and to have a smoke grenade lit when she came out of the tunnel.
But wow, those +3 cultist priest daggers--the wording in their description isn't clear about it, but it kinda does seem like I'm getting their 250% melee damage multiplier on rooted opponents, not just unaware ones; and it was just the thing for clearing out mold, which is nearly always unaware anyway. That +20% to-hit is great, especially compared to the spiked mace's -10%. New fave melee weapon! Wait, and with me liking daggers now, and the small spells I'm able to cast...does this mean I should actually just be going spellcaster or rogue? = o But not having WV's insta weapon toggle drives me up the wall... And I still like chop chop bang bang.
And I finally found another iron suit! I guess those start to show up more as you get lower. Couldn't help a ton against Keziah's spells and my mistakes, though. But as long as it's my own mistakes killing me, I can handle it.

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