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Gran Turismo Sport
  opened by paleface at 20:13:26 03/06/22  
  last modified by paleface at 20:24:29 05/04/22  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Driving; loc=NA]

Played a fair amount of this back in the day, I think; even eventually burnt myself out grinding through a quick loop track race each day to get that free daily random car. I thought I really just wanted to do ghost trial loops, but once I'd finally earned a bunch of supercars grinding the other junk, I kind of didn't do that; also I wanted city tracks and the only ones here, the Tokyo Expressway tracks, were awfully monotone, and not the winding streets I wanted anyway. Most of the tracks are big and blobby, depressingly drab. I like Dragon Trail, though, tiny little thing that it is.
I basically just have to face the fact that GT isn't quite the snazzy arcade feel I want, it's an intentionally deliberate solid thing.
It does drive really nice. The motion control actually works REALLY well; I switched to driving exclusively with that.
You can tell they struggled to get to their 1080p60; oh the drop-out in those rear-view mirrors, and the low-detail track exteriors.
  paleface 20:24:29 05/04/22
Sport does not have the ability to "Favorite" a car, so there's no way to sort out the cars you actually want to drive from the hundreds of heaps of junk you don't want to see again--short of selling those, I guess. I tried by painting the junkers dark grey to blend with the background of the car selection screen so I wouldn't really see them--although that got confusing with cars I liked in black or gray or something, so then I also gave the junkers yellow hubcaps, because obviously I wouldn't do that to a car I liked. ... : P
Having "Favorite" like GT7 does is waaaay better than doing that. ; )
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