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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Roguelike; loc=NA]
Starting a half-elf warrior in Umoria, compiled--after some code hacks--in Cygwin on Windows 11.
Oh! The high scores and version displays not working were actually due to me not understanding that after the game builds into in a subfolder, umoria/umoria, you're suppose to cd to that subfolder and run it from there (./umoria). Ah! I got that part all wrong! So if you do that, the high scores and version display--jeez and the splash screen--would work. Ignore all that blather I did about commenting out the high score file loading, that was me being wrong!

Wow so stairs are always disconnected--even when you go back up to town, where you then have to re-locate the stairway down (1:20:25)!!
Moria for VMS computer systems came out in 1983. Umoria--the port to Unix--came out in 1987. Angband (, the current descendant of the Moria/Umoria code, started in 1990 at the University of Warwick, and released to the outside world in 1993.
Umoria is a free, roguelike dungeon exploration game you can download from, or play right through your web browser at .
And it's open source, so you can download the source code from the official code repository and compile it yourself. I compiled and ran it in Cygwin on Windows 11 (Cygwin is free from by doing this:
- install cmake through Cygwin's setup utility
git clone
- comment lines 21, 27, 28
- add "#else" as line 22
^ hack to get around the code not knowing how to identify Cygwin--this makes it treat anything it doesn't know as Linux, rather than just quitting with an error message
- comment lines 810, 811, 812
^ working around an actual bug in the code when running a modern compiler--see
cd umoria
cmake .
cd umoria
  paleface 13:58:33 03/21/22
Umoria is also usually dated to '87, but notes that developer James E. Wilson still considered v5.1.1--March 4 1990--as "alpha-level" source code; code updates continued through 10/24/2001.
  paleface 14:10:54 03/21/22
Oops ugh I'm bad at this. Lower down that page, it notes "5.4.0 (1992-7-16) (Maintenance taken over by David Grabiner)"; code changes and fixes continue through '94. Then there's a gap, with more releases 2000-2001... Ah okay looking at the "full CHANGELOG" those were code fixes by Rene Weber. Then some fixes in 2008 by Grabiner, and since then just license changes.
Wikipedia says "In 1990 the Angband project was started, which is based on the UMoria 5.2.1 source code."
No note I can find on when Umoria was no longer considered "alpha-level." ^_^
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