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  opened by paleface at 00:51:56 05/01/22  
  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Roguelike; loc=NA]
One of the few "total conversion"-style Angband variants, with a very distinctive ASCII color palette that instantly sets it apart visually, and of course a thorough Dante's Inferno type theme.
In fact, that's the problem: a lot of the demon types are quite dated and sexist by modern standards. I spent a fair amount of time working out how to compile the game, and then, thinking over the dated elements of the theme, found I didn't actually want to be in it.
Anyhow here are my notes on compiling:
- Download the source: from
- Extract it somewhere; these steps assume that you extract it to a new directory under your Cygwin '~' called 'hellband,' in such a way that you end up with Hellband's root directory (ie where 'hellband.cfg' is) as Cygwin's /home/[username]/hellband/
- In /src/files.c, comment out lines 69 and 70 (thanks backwardsEric!)
- In /src/main-gcu.c, comment out the 'SPECIAL_BSD' sections, ie lines 465-471 and lines 542-548 (these are 'ifdef' statements, and as backwardsEric showed here , you can comment ifdefs out by surrounding them in a null 'if' statement, with '#if 0' in the line above their '#if," and '#endif' in the line below their '#endif')
- In /src/
-- In the '## Variation -- Only support "main-gcu.c" (not "main-x11.c")' section:
--- Uncomment lines 138 and 139, 'CFLAGS' and 'LIBS'
--- Delete '-ltermcap' from LIBS (line 139)
-- Completely comment out the '## Variation -- compfile for Ternux' section (lines 173-177)
- Create a /lib/dump directory (avoids crash using "~" "Display current knowledge" menu)
- Run Cygwin and enter:
cd hellband/src
Then from Cygwin's '~' home (ie 'cd ../..' from the 'src' directory) you can run
Game notes:
- No subwindow support
- ESC is a bit laggy; ''' ('~' 'tilde' key, directly under the ESC key on most keyboards) works better (Possible fix: )
- Can't use SHIFT+[arrow key] to run; can use '.' then [arrow key], or SHIFT+[VI key] ('Rogue-like commands' interface option)
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