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Capcom Fighting Collection
  opened by paleface at 03:34:03 06/24/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
The single-player seems solid. Pretty responsive input delay: measured 4 frames of input lag in the collection's version of Vampire Savior using my own set-up's crude comparative test (vs 3 in Darkstalkers 3 on PS1, 5 in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2, and 4 in Vampire Resurrection on PS3).

Surprisingly, under the EX Options tab for some of the games there's a "Light Reduction" option; it defaults to On, and this seems to remove screen strobing effects. For instance, in The Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge, with Light Reduction on, the strobing effect as the title spells out in the intro sequence only flashes white on the letters now, not on the entire screen, and the red screen strobe when a character is KOed is completely removed. So this is somewhat miraculously a version of Revenge I can actually play without risking a migraine, cool! : D (In videos I've seen it doesn't seem to have removed the flashing kaleidoscopic effect on Pyron's new boss attack though so eh well we'll see. ; )
The option is not available for Puzzle Fighter, Red Earth, Vampire Savior, Hunter 2, and Savior 2, presumably because those don't have screen strobing effects. I wish they could have had an option to remove single screen flashes like after KO in Savior (the PS1 version removed those, so I play that version), and just icky flashing in general like the color strobing on bosses or whatnot that I've seen in videos of Red Earth. Oh well. The option to kill stro
  paleface 03:41:33 06/24/22
Oh, there IS a rather iffy menu quirk: you can toggle most of the games between Japanese and English ROMs, but it toggles that setting for all the games at once; if you toggle it to English, then scroll the game menu through the two Japanese-only games, the toggle gets set to Japanese--for all the games--and stays there until you notice and toggle it back. : P
  paleface 15:00:12 06/24/22
  paleface 21:33:17 06/25/22

The stages in Darkstalkers' Revenge are nice--less animatedly manic, I think, than in the first Darkstalkers. Really dig the rich colors in Hsien-Ko's stage (10:24).
Although the flicker on the ground fog effect in L.Raptor's (not Savior's "L.RaptEr" 'p') stage (16:07) isn't great; neither is the multicolored fountain in Anakaris' stage.
Still, it isn't my favorite Darkstalkers: it's much slower than the follow-up, Vampire Savior, the characters are much less fluid, lacking key moves and animations they'd get later, and you still have to fight Darkstalkers' original boss, Pyron, a molten blob man who now has a time-delaying, incredibly flashy long kaleidoscopic firework super, and teleports all over, but can still be cheesed simply by holding back, then counter-attacking with Heavy Punch. Lame fight. : P Also, at what, ten fights or so, the arcade mode is a BIT too long for my tastes. 'p'
So I'll be sticking to the screen-flash-free Darkstalkers 3 on PS1 (see entry 829), an enhanced port of Savior with less input delay (3 input lag frames rather than 4), all the characters from all the Darkstalkers games, plus optional soundtracks, UIs, and features from the two Savior follow-ups, etc. : ) And it doesn't have the slight screen flicker sometimes visible in CFC, which is maybe an artifact of this collection having to re-scale the original rectangular aspect ratio pixels on the fly or something, I dunno.
"Dirty Beret," seen on Akuma's back in the Vampire Savior intro @ 52:17 , was apparently a team of four veteran Capcom arcade game programmers; more on them here and here
  paleface 16:57:49 06/26/22
In Darkstalkers' Revenge, each character has eight colors: one is selectable with each of the six attack buttons, one by holding--for a few seconds--light punch and medium kick simultaneously, and one by pressing Start; I've read that the Start color is the character's alternate color from the first game.
For Morrigan, for instance, the colors are
(button(s): hair, suit, tights)
LP: light green, red, magenta
MP: blonde, red, magenta
HP: bright green, dark gray, purple
LK: light blue, dark gray, gray
MK: blonde, blue, purple
HK: light green, dark gray, gray
LP+MK (hold): white, black, dark gray
Start: blonde, gray, light magenta
(Thanks Kris Lane on YouTube, and GameFAQs, for the color tip-off! : D)
  paleface 22:51:44 06/26/22

Gem Fighter is fun! I didn't get into the PS1 version, and I think the animation cuts in that version played a role there; it seemed jumpy, and I just had a hard time telling what was going on. Maybe I'm imagining that now... Anyhow, whatever it is, the action in this Mini Mix, while pretty wild at times, still feels solid, and the art is really fun, with costume transformations and cameos abounding.
  paleface 03:31:49 07/01/22

Really frustrated trying to play Mini Mix as Ryu, I think my problem is I was trying to play it like Street Fighter; turns out it's more like Injustice 2: rubber bouncy, jerky animations, and jump-over-and-chain-combo-from-behind Vs CPU strategy.
But I was also feeling some jerkiness in Hyper Street Fighter II and Darkstalkers' Revenge; BUT but I've never been able to deal with Super speeds in SFII--those DO make the original SFII animations horribly jerky--and now I recall I'd just noticed Revenge is much less fluid and sorted out than Vampire Savior; so I guess that could explain that.
Puzzle Fighter still not my thing. And I could swear there's some kind of very slight flashing effect with the graphics in these versions of the games, but it's like right at the edge of my perception so I'm probably just making it up. And I was having a horrible time with move execution but maybe that's just me being bad. Anyway I think I'm done with this collection; back to Darkstalkers 3 on PS1 and 3rd Strike on PS3 for my 1 v 1 Capcom fighting fixes.
"Dirty Beret," which I mentioned seeing on the back of Akuma's jacket in the Vampire Savior intro in episode 994, shows up in the Pocket Fighter credits @1:35:43 as "Team Dirty Beret," under the names of the game's "Programmer" team: Knight Rider Giu, Senor, Pon, Ittetsu, Hyper Shinchan, Minomiya, Cham, and Hard·Yas - Enemy -; but I incorrectly stated I think in this episode that Dirty Beret was four people--that was according to this tweet (tweeter @felineki identifies Hyper Shinchan as Shinichirou Yamazaki here ). The Moby Games credits for Mega Man: The Power Battle lists "Special Thanks" to "Pon [Dirty Beret]," "S.Y [Dirty Beret]," and "Sailor [Dirty Beret]," whom Moby Games identifies as Yoshihiro Kimura, Shinichirō Yamazaki, and Shinichi Yasuki, respectively, and the list here has all of them--ten people total: Knight Rider Giu, Senor, Pon, Ittetsu, Hyper Shinchan, Minomiya, Cham, Hard·Yas - Enemy -, S.Y, and Sailor. It also lists quite a few Capcom games credited to them.
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