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  paleface [sys=AMI; cat=Strategy; loc=NA]
A tiny people game by Bullfrog that I played on Amiga back in the day, Powermonger--along with other Bullfrog games like Syndicate, Populous II, and even Theme Park--excelled at conjuring an engrossing atmosphere. The scope and detail of Powermonger's lush, hilly, procedurally generated worlds fascinated me; you could watch a sheep graze on hillside, see a tree change through the seasons, follow any townsperson through their daily life--each one had their own procedurally generated name and details!--or use any of those as resources with which to expand your roving gangs of armed men out to conquer the world.
I even had the WWI expansion, but the brown and gray battlefields didn't have the appeal of those little green idyllic islands in the original.

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