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Arcade Archives Sea Fighter Poseidon
  opened by paleface at 15:46:57 10/10/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Shooter_Horiz; loc=NA]

Playing the Hi Score Mode of Arcade Archives Sea Fighter Poseidon on PS4! Fire mini-torpedoes at other divers! Rescue the green divers! Bail off your "scooter" mini-sub before it explodes and kills you! Shoot opposing divers with your spear gun! Steal THEIR mini-subs when yours runs out of gas! Smash your sub into their sub accidentally! Cry! Shoot the diver, THEN their sub for double the points! Watch out for sharks from behind! Mines from below! And undersea volcanoes! Bail from crazy big sub boss fights! Penetrate to deeper, darker waters and mysterious subaquatic colors! Wotta game!
Points are tough to come by; shooting rocks and mines gives you nothing. You CAN shoot your sub (with another sub; your spear gun just bounces off it) after bailing off it; think I forgot to see if that gives you points.
Unusually for Arcade Archives, there are NO sound options for this one--but the sound is noticeably beefy, much more so than the dithered but still fun version in the "Japanese Taito Memories II: Last Volume" ("Gekan") collection on PS2 (see entry 1163). (Taito released Sea Fighter Poseidon in the arcade in 1984.)
9530 pts gets me to position 46 in the Hi Score Mode leaderboard. : D
Don't really like the deep blue color I got to at the end, wonder if there are more palettes after that one!
  paleface 15:50:03 10/10/22
There's a curious tidal effect where when you move forward, everything--like falling rocks--kind of speeds up its drift speed; pull back and it slows again.
  paleface 15:53:47 10/10/22
Rocks and mines can hit enemy divers; loose subs can collide; mines can hit each other!
· Taito Memories II: Last Volume (PS2)

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