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PlayStation 3
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Had two "fat" OG 60GB PS3's, one for NA and one for JP--which I guess turned out wasn't necessary, at least later, given there was no region lockout and methods were found to sign up for and buy stuff from the JP store even from NA. Anyway one died a heat death (the ol' inadequate CPU paste or whatever it was; I did a lot of Folding@Home with them for years, they kept my drafty old Seattle apt warm ^ ^_) and I eventually sold the other when I moved four or so years ago because at the time I hadn't been using it for ages. Or wait maybe I just junked it because I was afraid it might die at any moment on whoever I sold it to. Don't remember.
Got a "slim" one now, and my old stupid-large download list. You can no longer buy stuff directly on PS3, I think because it must have got cracked or something so credit companies and so forth no longer regard it as secure. You're supposed to be able to fund your PS "Wallet" through their web site, but it always just says some generic error has occurred when I try that--so I have to do it through my PS4.
My gigantic old PS3 download list, which can now only be accessed from a PS3 as far as I know, is getting weird. My first recorded downloads are from 2/11/2007 (launch was late Nov 2006 I think), but now it's keeping whatever my latest purchase was at the bottom of the list. : P
Caught between the physical media and download ages, PS3 is looking like it's probably going to end up being the odd man out from this phase of console history. Whatever it rules.
  paleface 00:51:50 10/17/22

~400 of them are DOA costumes. ]_] (see entry 1403)
... It was a long time ago! ^^P
It's 1421 items now, since I did buy that Ozma Wars mini. And now it has mysteriously appeared at the bottom of my PS3's Download List, replacing my previous purchase, Golden Axe, which has equally mysteriously moved close to where it should have gone in the first place, the top of the list. ^ D^
Of those SNK minis, turns out (the Ozma Wars Wikipedia page, for instance, did not mention this) most ARE in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection that I have on PS4, where they're much sharper anyway. But Gang Wars, The Next Space, and Touch Down Fever don't seem to be in that or Arcade Archives. Gang Wars is an Alpha Denshi game, originally published by SNK.
I think I'll probably do something with the Ozma Wars mini anyway, because it presents the game in black and white, with a large custom frame, while the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has it with simulated cellophane color overlays and a relatively plain frame, so it comes out looking pretty different between the two.
The original NEOGEO games behind the delisted NEOGEO STATION ports by M2 have all made it to Arcade Archives--although curiously, the Arcade Archives version of League Bowling did not come out in the US or Europe--just in Japan and Asia. Also, the NEOGEO STATION versions have some features not found in Arcade Archives, like pixel-perfect scaling options, and game-specific borders (okay a small number of other games in Arcade Archives have custom borders--or at least, I know Darius does).
Final Fight: Double Impact is Final Fight and Magic Sword, not Black Tiger like I said during the recording (Black Tiger came out three years before Magic Sword, and is similar).
I accidentally found myself in a Final Fight online game on PS3 late last night after firing up the game to make sure it ran and was patched up, and flailing at the 3D scene main menu! ^ _^ Felt like delay-based networking but actually ran pretty well, played through a stage or so co-op with whoever the heck was running an open game on PS3 in 2022 there! = ooo MAn, PS3 4eva!
I'm NOT going to do anything with the Ridge Racer 7 Demo and StarDrone, because I fired them up briefly to be sure they patched up and I did not like them. : P
Man I'd forgotten a) there was a PS1 Classics of Bust-A-Move 4 on PS3, and b) I own it! Sweet. Can't remember if I've played it much. Even with a frame or two of input delay over the original disc version on PS1, it can't be worse than the (shudder) Windows CE port on Dreamcast (see entry 755), can it?
In the PS3 store, 2:53:23 "Games - Genres - Arcade - minis" has 46 minis listed; 2:59:26 "All Games - minis" has 4 minis listed. ; D
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