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NEOGEO Station The King of Fighters '94
  opened by paleface at 04:27:36 10/23/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]

Going over the features and showing some gameplay of M2's NEOGEO Station 2010-2011 ports of The King of Fighters '94, '95, and '96 on PS3, which according to were removed from the PS Store in "late Summer 2012."
As far as I know they're still the best ports of these games. When I compared M2's '96 on PS3 with Hamster's on PS4, for instance, M2's had two fewer frames of input delay than Hamster's on my set-up --it was arcade-perfect in that regard. They offer more display options, bug fixes (although they don't list what these are), game modes (since they're the home NEOGEO AES rather than the arcade NEOGEO MVS versions), documentation (deluxe manuals, and move lists!), and general options (volume control! 'p'), as well as attractive border graphics, red screen strobe removal (I can actually play '94 and '95 without risking a migraine!), a unified music player, and even online multiplayer (have not tried); the only thing I feel missing is online leaderboards, and access to MVS options.
Well that, and I wish they'd removed the last few red screen flashes, like at Game Over in '94, and at KO in '96.
So I still can't really play '96, but for '94 and '95, these versions are better for me than having the actual carts for my consolized MVS. I can actually play '94 and '95 now! : D
(Okay actually KOF '94 Re-Bout on PS2--see entry 765--removed red screen flashes too; last I'd played it though there were other flashy things in the game that were still bothering my then even more photosensitive eyeballs, like the flashy Pao Pao and Korea stage intros; I seem to be okay so far now with the remaining flashes in NEOGEO Station '94 though.)
"NEOGEO Station" was only on PS3, PSP, and Vita--in the video I was wondering if it was on 360; no, it wasn't, although that console did get a few different NEOGEO ports. (According to Wikipedia.) I was also mumbling about probably a "couple" Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury fighting games having made their way out in it; turns out it was just the first game from each of those series! So the releases weren't strictly chronological--because the first TWO AOF games were out by '94, for instance. Oh and also there was NEOGEO Station Samurai Shodown.
Have to remember to quit '94 before letting the Continue countdown expire; there's still that bit of red screen flash that would happen there.
OH that white-faced puppet-type guy in the mysterious black cloak and hat is their old mascot G-Mantle. (I should remember him, he's a striker in KOF 2000. : P But I'm terrible with names.)
OH and Kyo's girlfriend (I just looked into this in an episode like a month ago sheesh) seen in that illo in the '96 manual where Goro is grinning like a loon with the rest of the team on the sofa is Yuki.
  paleface 04:32:40 10/23/22
One odd thing about NEOGEO Station which is often handy but sometimes maybe not is that most of the menu settings are shared among the titles, so changing say volume in one will change it in all of them. Want just one to be a little louder? Well. Some aren't shared though like button mappings, which is correct.
  paleface 22:15:52 10/26/22

Oh there IS a red strobe at GAME OVER so yeah I won't be recording those. My high score here was 130240, and the bottom--5th--place on the high score screen @ 51:35 is 189020 (??), so a ways to go before I have to worry about ranking in. I guess if I do get to that I'll pause the recording, close my eyes through the red strobe, then restart the recording and enter my initials. Gotta get in the score screeeeeeen.
Don't think I hit anyone with a fireball, the AI is way too good at just using the A+B dodge, or jumping out of the way (or more likely, over the fireball and into your face). Terry's 2/5th circle back + kick flip-kick works pretty well. Andy's weird-input elbow move hits more than I'd have thought vs some characters, too, but is mostly useless against fireball characters, at which point I tended to struggle with him since his short legs take him out of most of the hack-at-their-ankles-really-fast thing that longer-legged characters like Terry can do in this game. Joe can KIND of do that, too, but aside from that I don't think I had great ideas for Joe; he had a couple other special moves that as with Andy were on tricky inputs and eh I just had to kind of leave alone. : P
Got to stage 6 in the third run which sure felt pretty far, but then MAN just straight shut down by Japan team's opener, Kyo--could barely scratch him (I did beat him without unusual trouble when running into him in earlier matches of other runs). OOh Heiderns could be big trouble, too.
  paleface 21:17:53 11/06/22
I was thinking I'd be able to play NEOGEO Station '94 and '95 regularly since they remove most full screen red flashes, but various UI things still start red flashing a lot during regular play and it's kind of wigging my eyes out. 8 o
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