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JoJo no Kimyouna Bouken: Mirai e no Isan
  opened by paleface at 01:18:57 10/30/22  
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]

Game is wild, man. There's so much weird stuff in the gameplay too, like, here I found I had trouble using Jotaro's dodge (all three attack buttons simultaneously), and he can't use it in Stand mode, but messing around after recording, I found that Joseph has a DIFFERENT, highly effective dodge-roll in his Stand mode! And a lot of the Stands operate wildly differently.
Speaking of wildly different, there's the stage in HftF's Story mode that ISN'T a normal fight at all, but rather you traversing left to right across a long desert stage, being attacked by mystically animated water spouts. = oo Wasn't quite as hard as I'd feared initially, thankfully, but it is kind of an obstacle memorization thing. And some fight stages are just one round rather than best-of-three.
The beginning of Jotaro's Story mode in this version felt a lot tougher than the first three matches the delisted PS3 demo lets you play. And the survival-style Challenge mode in HftF is way harder than the Survival mode in the first arcade version, JoJo's Venture (this disc is a compilation of the first arcade version by Capcom's SFIII team, JoJo's Venture, from 1998, and the 1999 update, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, which adds eight more playable characters). Challenge mode has the additional twist of letting you choose to replenish part of your health meter or your energy meter after winning one of the single-round matches. Carry a ton of meter with you. Kind of digging that mode.
The fighting choreography--the poses and all--are really good in this game. And the colors! 8 oo The DC version's 240p mode did seem really blocky at first, with those heavy black lines around the characters, but I guess I got used to it pretty fast. Nice and sharp through my Behar Bros "Kuro" VGA box, with its switch that enables VGA output from non-VGA-supporting games. : ) (Looks like they've replaced the Kuro with the "Gekko.")
A few aspects of the interface are bizarre. The Option screen is only available outside the two arcade versions, so if you want to change difficulty, or save, for instance--there doesn't seem to be an auto-save (on the plus side, the save file only takes up 4 blocks on the DC memory card)--you have to quit all the way back to the root menu. And the in-game move list, which only displays four lines at a time, at the top of the screen, entirely replacing the regular game HUD, health bars, etc, can only be scrolled while the game is NOT paused!! = oo (By hitting specifically the button bound to the L+M+H shortcut, NOT by hitting the L, M, and H attack buttons themselves. 'p') So yeah you're probably going to get hit a lot trying to look up your moves with that. : PP And for some reason you can't set the dummy character to CPU mode once you've started Training mode--it's only selectable at the beginning. : P
I've got I think six characters to unlock in HftF--I think by playing through six other characters' Arcade modes?--so I guess I'd better get busy! ~3 supers per character, most qcf+2 buttons, but some like Jotaro's time stop are 5-input strings ala Darkstalkers.
There's an additional gameplay thing I noticed after recording where I think two stands clash, and there's an extended button-banging yelling sequence. ^ _^
"Flash" option (default=OFF) doesn't turn off the regular round start/end or super screen flash FX, which somehow aren't too annoying (they're LAVENDER!!); maybe disables specific strobes? Manual warns about epileptic seizures if enabled. Not in PS3 version.
There are four colors per character, no color preview function as in the PS3 version, so note to self: on my PS4 stick via Brook Super Converter, [] is default, then there's X, /\, and R1 (currently assigned to Taunt aka "Chouhatsu").
Oh I suppose maybe people are emulating the delisted PS3 version these days.
  paleface 01:31:01 10/30/22
If you have a bar of energy, you can hold Stand while doing qcb, then keep holding Stand and enter a string of attack buttons while a funky green-into-the-screen-stream effect happens in the background, and sounds confirm your input; when you release the button, your stand will charge forward and follow the inputs you entered. In theory you can use this to sandwich the opponent and hit them with the character and their stand simultaneously. ... I think.
  paleface 02:05:29 10/30/22
Oh apparently Iggy is a Boston Terrier, not a chihuahua. : P
  paleface 00:05:24 11/02/22

Avdol's Story mode follows pretty closely along with Jotaro's, the one I just did, so maybe seemed a little anti-climactic. His moves also feel a little less kinetic than Jotaro's; with his fireballs, I suppose he's supposed to be more of a ranged character, maybe. There were times in some fights, especially vs. Midler, where it just felt really slow-moving.
His ability to detach his Stand and control is independently is neat, but I inevitably ended up getting owned because the opponent would eventually slip past the Stand and get free hitsies on Avdol, who can only stand there waving his hands. I should have just hit the Stand button to recall his Stand.
  paleface 22:04:24 11/02/22

Was really wishing Iggy had a regular double-jump rather than his low-ish altitude glide for crossing the desert... ;_;
Looking up stuff on the JoJo's Bizarre Wiki...
That humanoid Stand figure who comes out with down+HP when Iggy isn't in Stand mode is apparently Shadow Dio--one of the unlockable characters you have to unlock by beating Challenge mode with certain characters. : P
The blond sub-boss with the big red ball special/super attacks is the vampire Vanilla Ice. In the comics, his fight vs the JoJo crew turned very deadly; the various Story modes in the game let you change the fates of the characters.
The guy animating the water in the desert is N'Dool (that's the official US spelling; a wiki transliterates it as "N'Doul").
Iggy's favorite treat, according to Avdol, is coffee-flavored chewing gum; that's what you see him trying to tempt Iggy with at the beginning, where he finds him in the streets of New York, and later in the desert, trying to get him off Polnareff's face.
Turns out playing through Story modes DOESN'T unlock the other six characters (only two of which are entirely different rather than altered versions of the starting characters: there's Khan, and-- Oh wait, the other one, Rubber Soul, is a sprite swap of Kakyoin. So really Khan would be the main one to unlock, which means beating Challenge mode with Black Polnareff...who is himself a sprite swap for Polnareff. ; D (Oh! Although actually if you beat Challenge mode with Dio, you unlock both the "Hol Horse and Boingo" and Young Joseph sprite swaps.) (And apparently Khan is regarded as one of the weakest characters in the game. 'p')
GameFAQs says you can cheese Challenge mode a bit by having a second controller plugged in: if you're about to lose in Challenge mode, press Start on the second controller to start a local VS match, win it with your 1P, then apparently you're right back to Challenge mode with your health restored in some way or something? Or maybe just the match restarts from where your health was? Probably that I suppose. Bleh. : P Well I'll have to test it, if it gives you more health then it's cheesy enough that I'd bother using it. ^ D^ Otherwise, working on Challenge mode will give me something to do for a while! Your "Level" continues to build as you play more and more Challenge mode runs in a row--but I'm not sure if that actually makes you more powerful, or if it's just pushing you up the Ranking table.
Your difficulty Option setting doesn't matter for Challenge mode, as in most fighting game Survival-style modes. : P
The layout of Alessi's smoky chamber in Luxor is very similar to Devo's hotel room in Singapore.
  paleface 01:15:36 11/05/22

The AI (except Vanilla Ice I suppose) really doesn't know what to do against Mariah's (Mahrahia in US) hardware fireball spam, which she can throw just as fast as you can do the qcf+A input! = oo So just throw junk at them until they die. Also she has no story whatsoever. : PPP
Turns out the 2P Challenge mode cheat just gives you a do-over, pretty much: if you're about to lose, press Start on a second controller--win that local human VS match and you get to do-over the Challenge mode match with the same health you had when you started it. So that's fine I guess, maybe not worth doing unless you really want to practice at beating some stage you're having trouble with, like maybe Vanilla Ice in Mariah's Challenge mode after she could perfect everyone else but he swaps out to his super-powered Stand each time you take a pot shot at him. ;_;
Checked out someone else playing Challenge mode and Vanilla Ice isn't in all of them by any means, so that's good to know. ; ) Although for all I know, Ice only pops up randomly. Have to play it more I guess. Challenge is 10 matches, Dio at the end.
Had been starting to think I should play JOJO's Venture "Survival" mode instead--can't actually find any playthroughs of that one though! HM. See like most of the characters added in HftF I maybe don't care too much about, palette swaps and all (New Kakyoin, Rubber Soul, Hol Horse and Boingo, Black Polnareff), and broken characters (Mariah), but there are also some HftF new characters maybe I WILL like (Hol Horse, Khan who looks kind of cool in that playlist despite some other video saying he's the second weakest character after Mariah, Pet Shop (a boid??), and that darn Vanilla Ice (not playable in Venture, but still the sub-boss, darn it)). (But also, there's some other ("Kom Ombo"?) stage and masked character with a scythe in Venture??) So anyway I may have to try some Survival at some point; I was doing a little of it in my first JJBA episode with Jotaro and it seemed pretty easy, at least at the beginning.
  paleface 06:56:21 11/06/22

(I'm an idiot, characters have a FIFTH color palette, selectable with the Start button! = o And Chaka's is a super-cool ninja dark blue, with white sword. Gosh dang it! I gotta remember to use that the next time I play him.)
Man, Chaka's got a tough Story mode: he's gotta beat all the Jo gang, then he's gotta beat Dio's heavy hitters, too! Jeepers! Although I had the most trouble early on, vs Kakyoin--gotta be patient vs that guy's Stand, and I'm really bad at being patient. : P Can be frustrating when Jotaro's stand or someone is just perfectly punching you on the nose as you try going in with your rekka, but once he gets the right hit, man, Chaka can tear it up quick!
Kakyoin 3x super-spammed me @ 17:03 when my health was low and my Stand was recharging, getting a chip kill. I haven't been so sure about the AI in this game sometimes but that at least SEEMED super-smart! = o
  paleface 23:26:56 11/08/22

Sooo yeah just flap up in the corner and bombard the CPU with Pet Shop's guided missiles until they crack. : PPP
  paleface 03:51:08 11/12/22

My first JoJo 1cc! Some of the fights were really close, but other AIs just had no idea how to handle Hol Horse's gunshots: Iggy--when he didn't have his Stand out--and Shadow Dio just stood there and let me shoot them! Polnareff mostly just hopped around on his side of the screen, trying to jump the bullets, and Joseph was pretty bad at getting in.
Hol's zombie buddy didn't crawl up over the screen at the end of the first two fights, not sure why. Story thing, or something I did or didn't do during the fight? I didn't try the zombie super--which sure as heck looks like they rotoscoped a model doing the zombie coming out of the ground and then just left it as the model rather than drawing the zombie over it, 'cause it looked weird and cool enough as-is--until I dunno, the fourth fight or something, but I did get the zombie ending before that. And I got a horse ending after that zombie super KO on Joseph. So, I dunno exactly what is determining which end pose happens in those fights.
Gosh dang that zombie super is cool.
  paleface 04:57:30 11/13/22

Midler's got some remarkably strong moves. She reverts out of Stand mode frequently, which is a bit of a pain as her normal moves are less powerful out of Stand mode and, as with most characters, she takes not-inconsequential "tick" damage even from moves she blocks, when she doesn't have the Stand doing the blocking.
She's got a bit of a story--more than most of the non-Jo-gang characters have--but it mostly revolves around her attraction to some of the male characters, which her ending takes to a gross extreme that doesn't say much for her own sense of self-worth; it reminds you how very male-oriented the series is.
The panning shot at the beginning of her Story mode, which starts showing only her legs and waist before moving upward, may have been a call-back to the JJBA manga, in which, prior to the game, Midler had only been seen from the waist down.
Capcom--perhaps being short on female JoJo's combatants?--wanted her in the game, so they got JoJo creator Hirohiko Araki to complete her design; in doing so, he changed her costume from an ordinary skirt to this sort of belly dancer look.
I like how tricky to use her extremely powerful uh giant ground mouth super is: it will target the opponent's location, but if their feet aren't on the ground at the pretty much exact moment it strikes, it's a miss. The AI is usually uncannily good a jumping just when you don't want it to, so it's really satisfying when you finally catch it with its feet on the ground with this (14:52).
And there's something nice about hitting an opponent with five Chevy's, thrusting out of the ground like breaching whales.
I keep doing real dumb against Vanilla Ice. : P
  paleface 05:09:46 11/13/22
Oh uh that should be "Chevies." = P
  paleface 02:01:12 11/17/22

Playing through Joseph Joestar's Story mode in the Japanese version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future on Dreamcast, on the default 4/8 difficulty!
Joseph was really surprising! He's got grappler-like 360 and 720 moves, a long-range grab-and-pull, very short-range supers, a shortish-range projectile (which I pretty much forgot to use, although it came out a few times accidentally), a counter (I think) or short-range field zap, a really slow but long-ranged hop-kick, and some short-range knock-downs; individually they're kind of awkward, but if you can string them together they're incredibly devastating!
And he's the first character with whom I managed to beat Vanilla Ice on the first try, I think! Or, in a while, anyway. With a perfect round, no less! = o That long-range grab just makes it so easy, I didn't get nervous and make silly mistakes like I usually do. Plus I got kinda lucky with a few dodges. ; )
OH when Alessi hit me with his kid transformation thing that normally changes characters into tiny children but changes Joseph into his young man form, from habit I retreated but I probably should have tried attacking! Dang now this makes me want to beat Challenge mode with Joseph to unlock Young Joseph (called "JoJo" here, according to, I bet that's gonna be real hard though. = o (Oh say in this video UjmfggHOvYo I see the kid forms also have at least some attacks, that's hilarious! I gotta try those too. Well if you beat Challenge with Alessi you unlock "Kid Mode"...)
The wiki points out that the woman flashed in black and white in the foreground when he first connects with his uppercut super is Lisa Lisa, a mentor he eventually learns is his mother, Elizabeth Joestar.
  paleface 02:25:28 11/18/22

Well it all ended in tears; I could swear Dio was designed specifically to kill Noriaki Kakyoin (a fate you strive to change in Kakyoin's Story mode, of course!): Dio's moves go right around or through the overpowered moves with which I'd spammed my way through against everyone except kinda Vanilla Ice.
I suppose it's not such a crazy theory maybe because as you see in this surprisingly different Story mode, Kakyoin and Dio have some kind of backstory together.
OH! And that stage with the floating guy with the scythe ("Death 13" tarot card) is in Kakyoin's Story mode (occurring @ Jiddah, apparently)! I hadn't encountered it anywhere else in HftF so far and was starting to think it was only in the first version of the game, JoJo's Venture. This guy is aka "The Nightmare Stand" and his attacks take place in the victim's dreams, according to the Story FAQ on GameFAQs.
The Vanilla Ice battle was kind of interesting though because in desperation I found that if I moved while he was spawning in his Stand, it couldn't come in exactly in the corner above and behind me, so I *could* duck underneath those attacks. Also for some reason I hadn't thought Kakyoin could double-jump, then I found he could. : P But basically I couldn't just stand back and hit Vanilla with single projectile attacks, I had to scoot up and lay a combo on him; otherwise he just got too many ambush opportunities on me with his Stand, whose fixed patterns I'm just too dumb to avoid for long.
But yeah otherwise you can mostly just--in Stand mode--projectile and down-forward Heavy super-long-range poke your way through all the fights. He's got some really funky combo possibilities with his Stand, especially during some of of his trickier supers (for at least a couple of them you have to remember to activate them from uh either Stand on or Stand off mode--I think mostly Stand off--otherwise you can't move freely as Kakyoin to combo off the Stand's super attack), but they're short range and why bother when you can just super projectile from relative safety instead.
You can cheese the first round of the Dio fight by Stand-off crouch turtling. It's so lame. In the next round though he starts using a specifically anti-turtle Stand teleport (overhead?) attack, gee. : P So you've got to go at him more then, but at least he won't use his screen-crossing eye lasers again. Your Stand's ridiculously long-range pokes don't work against his Stand as they're suddenly just your own huge hit-boxes, which is really frustrating. AND he starts spamming an air spike super that can do absurd damage; I don't think he's even used that against the other characters I've played, except I think once vs Joseph where I was like what just happened to my health meter.
I suppose probably on higher difficulty settings those super combos would help but I don't think I want to play more of Kakyoin anyway, I prefer more brawler types--and outside of those super Stand combos, he's clunky in close melee combat, so mostly it's just boring projectile spamming and long-range pokes. ... And I really don't want to do that Dio fight ever again. ; P
  paleface 01:16:56 11/19/22

I'd forgotten that Dio Brando was the character I played first in the HD Ver. Demo on PS3, before I went and bought this Dreamcast version (since the PS3 version was delisted long ago and I was too dumb to buy it back then : P).
Dio kicks all kinds of booty. In the PS3 demo, the Story mode AI started blocking his bulldozer super after a while, but only Jotaro blocked it here, and just once, I think. It does absolutely ridiculous damage (55!). And while you're waiting to build up more super meter, you can just qcf with him to batter at the enemy with his Stand's nearly irresistible punch flurry.
One twist with Dio--maybe to try to balance him SLIGHTLY--is that his bulldozer super for one isn't accessible with his Stand out, his combo potential is higher without his Stand out, since he can punch independently of its attacks in his special moves, like qcf, and he's got better down-forward attacks without his Stand. So you're sort of supposed to fight without his stand for a lot of the time, I think... But he's still so good even in Stand mode that that still crushes anyway.
Dude and his Stand get some really hurtful looking punch combos in. He's a super jerk but yeah he's really powerful and fun to play. I'm not likely to be doing his five input commands like his time stop super or his eye laser special (although that one's CLOSE to being kind of doable: forward, roll from heavy to light attack buttons, forward again) in actual play, but uh well they're there if you're super-good--but it isn't as though he needs them.
Plus, when you play his Story mode, you a) don't have to fight Vanilla Ice and b) don't have to fight Dio oh and c) he's specifically made to demolish Kakyoin, whose Stand is usually a real pain to fight!
Something weird happened with the high score readout at the end here: it only showed one of my high score entries, whereas by now all the entries shown should have my initials. Not sure what that was about, but got paranoid so I didn't save after this play-through. Completing Story mode doesn't unlock anything as far as I know--unlocks come from clearing Challenge mode with certain characters--but still, hrmph.
  paleface 05:01:58 11/20/22

Playing through Vanilla Ice's Story mode in the Japanese version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future on Dreamcast, on the default 4/8 difficulty!
My 2nd 1cc in JJBA. Vanilla Ice is pretty strong. Surprisingly, his player moves are pretty much entirely different from the moves the CPU uses for him when you face him in Story mode! And they're probably somewhat overpowered, especially that 2-charge qcb+2A super that eventually covers the screen slightly more than once and seemed to guarantee--I don't think it got blocked--at least one hit for 33 damage, if not two.
Love his big slow standing punches, like no-Stand fHP. His no-Stand dfHP is probably too good, like Dio's. ; ) His stand is such a big grim goblin, what a hero. Oh and his qcf+2A super where he's popping out of the hood of his Stand's skin as he's socking the opponent right in the face to initiate a huge combo while he continues emerging from his Stand skin like Athena from Zeus.
Could swear his Story mode has an extra fight or two compared with other characters'. Funny how the first three take place in his vampire hangout chamber in Dio's desert palace.
They really didn't have to make Vanilla this crazy but they sure did and I love it. Also love this dark Start button palette.
Oh I was wrong; according to Wikipedia his name in the US version is "Iced." "Cream" is the name of his stand! Sheesh I had that all mixed up.
  paleface 05:44:43 11/20/22
Download added: 82_van_hole.jpg (93309 bytes)
  "HftH: qcb+2A super by Vanilla Ice punches holes in the ground."
Apparently which buttons you hit in Vanilla's qcb+2A super determines which of three patterns the ground-smashing ball follows. : O
  paleface 03:53:37 11/24/22

That accidental Tandem Attack I did as most of a 22 hit combo with Devo the Cursed and his Stand didn't actually add up to that much damage, was mostly just low jabs. ; ) Still, his Stand laying on the ground while inactive allows relatively easy set-up of sandwich attack ambushes! But Devo can take huge damage quickly without his Stand, so it's a high-risk business--lots of fun! = D
(Like the got-lucky-one-time--and still blew the round! chump that I am, I forgot I'd been able to attack from both sides because it was a Tandem Attack, and kept trying and failing to replicate it after that with normal hits. ; )
  paleface 03:57:00 11/24/22
Never did figure out what that ghostly figure looking kinda like an alien woman in a brassiere was all about in Devo's Story mode. = o
  paleface 04:08:44 11/24/22
Download added: 91_devo_tandem.jpg (107049 bytes)
  "I hit an accidental Tandem Attack vs Joseph with Devo and his Stand."
When you face Devo in Story mode, his Stand lays inert for the entire first round (on Default difficulty--maybe different on others?). So the first round is a breeze, but then in the second round the Stand randomly jumps up and comes after you something fierce with the cleaver for a while. Actually kinda scary. Was sort of an interesting way to do his AI; when you play Devo yourself, nothing prevents you from bringing out his Stand in round 1.
  paleface 22:30:53 12/14/22

Probably a bit rusty but it was a pretty horrible effort, getting confused on inputs all night, forgetting Polnareff's main special combo move is qcb, and I dunno I probably had his three-charge hcb backwards too or something, anyway I couldn't seem to get it to trigger at all vs Dio, then I got myself into even more execution trouble vs Dio by trying to play him charge turtle style, and I can't play that way really, and it took me a while to let Dio hammer that through my head.
I guess I was kind of dreading this playthrough because it's the last of the default characters, now I gotta try to beat Challenge mode with like six or seven characters to unlock the six I think locked characters and the kid mode or whatever its called. I kinda don't think I'm gonna be able to beat Challenge mode at all. Mmmaybe once if it lets me gun-cheap it with Alessi. Does that get kid mode? Anyway I guess I'll have to try, it's gonna be ugly. = o
At least I figured out that--Polnareff, anyway--needs his Stand out in order to double-jump. Double-jump was key for me in getting past that desert traversal stage with a bunch of the first Joestars I played--but Polnareff's dash with his Stand out is very slow: so he can double-jump, but can't move fast horizontally, and I was just face-planting into nearly every waterspout and hole I could find. ]_[ In the end, it was way easier without the Stand/double-jump.
  paleface 22:31:53 12/14/22

Alessi's one of those characters that breaks some of the AI in single-player mode: some of the AIs who didn't have a projectile or a teleport would more or less just stand there and let him shoot them repeatedly, which isn't really very fun--well okay it's actually pretty fun to mash that trigger at first--it's got some great feedback on it--but it does get old.
Transforming the other characters into child--or whatever--versions was fun, but that could probably get a little old, too; anyway I didn't manage to capitalize on it a whole lot, because he can't use a lot of his moves during the transformation period.
And his sweep is just WAYYYY too effective. It's pretty ridiculous. Why doesn't the AI block it better? Anyway, it doesn't. So sweep repeatedly, or gun the ones who don't have ranged strike capability. And just keep doing that. : P
  paleface 02:36:23 06/03/23

After a few more failures, finally beating Alessi's Challenge mode in the Japanese version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future on Dreamcast, and then messing around in the Alessi Mode aka "Kid Mode" that beating his Challenge unlocks! Unfortunately for me I had misunderstood one key aspect of Kid Mode...
Yeah so Alessi Mode is only for 2P Vs play. : P OH well! You can have it kick in when someone's Stand is crashed or crushed or whatever, alternating every 10 seconds, or just be on all the time.
Challenge mode is weirder than I'd thought! Dio is not (necessarily?) the boss of it...but the boss I encountered, I had also encountered way earlier in previous runs, so who would the boss have been in those runs?? But I like the random order and stages. Oh and yeah I guess Vanilla is still the penultimate guy; forgot to sort of stand in the middle to avoid getting ambushed by his red ball. BUt if you have a lot of supers stored up you can get him pretty good since he gives you that one hit when he lands...
Man, there were some clear fights at the end of that run! = ooo How the heck am I gonna beat this mode without a character as cheap as Alessi?!? = oo
Just like vs Jotaro, using YOLO supers on Dio (17:15) did not work. : P Dio also teleports, though; fortunately, I was able to block, then sweep when he did that.
Finally learned to use the short range shot against Polnareff. : PP
Kid Devo's attack seems to do a lot of damage!
  paleface 15:20:28 06/03/23
My disc is "JoJo no Kimyouna Bouken: Mirai e no Isan (JP, 11/25/1999)" ( (NOT the "for Matching Service" version that came out a year later).
  paleface 16:21:53 06/06/23
To be clear, JoJo does NOT support VGA. So it works through the Kuro thanks to the Kuro's 15 khz 480i switch, but it isn't as sharp as a game that actually supports 31 khz 480p VGA output.
Still the best AI of Capcom's 2D fighting games that I've played.
Since beating the default character story modes and getting that one mode unlocked with Alessi in Challenge mode I haven't gone back to the game because clearing other characters' Challenge modes to unlock the locked character is probably gonna be SUPER hard since they don't have Alessi's rapid-fire cheese gun.
There's also a sort of claustrophobic feeling about the game somehow, like your somewhat tiny sprite is sort of stuck in the box of the screen; maybe it just feels that way due to the big Stand sprites that can pop up, maybe it's an effect of the slightly muffled-sounding announcer voice, or the heavy sand castles you end up in, or maybe I'm just making excuses.
Also there's the slight complication of having to manage Stands, there that's another excuse.
I want SFII (see entry 1594) with JoJo AI. : P I guess USFIV (see entry 1599) is the closest I'll get.
  paleface 17:47:23 06/06/23
Oh! The "For Matching Service" JoJo's release that came out a year after the first DC Japanese release DOES support VGA--says so right on the back. It also sells for about 6x the price--currently on eBay, anyway.
  paleface 16:27:08 06/17/23
"Easy Mode" is on by default in the options.
"At the beginning of each game, the player can select to play in Easy or Normal
mode. In Easy mode, the following changes take place:
- Selected Special moves can be automatically performed by pressing the A2
or A3 buttons.
- A selected Super Combo can be automatically performed by pressing the
Taunt button.
In the move lists, the moves that have been selected for Easy Mode are
listed underneath the Normal Mode command. Easy Mode is good for beginners
who have yet to master Fireball or Dragon Punch motions with the joystick,
but the ability to pull off some of the more advanced moves in the game is
seriously hampered. Additionally, using Easy Mode removes the ability to
perform Stand Combos, or indeed any A2 or A3 moves (except in-between some
attacks). For some characters, this trade-off makes them almost unplayable
in Easy Mode."
  paleface 21:38:20 06/18/23

~ Frames of light punch input lag on my set-up:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Heritage for the Future
Dreamcast: 4
PS3 demo: 3
Flycast: 1-2
  paleface 20:53:06 06/24/23

Flycast--got a save file from GameFAQs to unlock the six hidden characters. Shadow Dio has stitches around his neck~~
  paleface 18:20:27 08/02/23
Download added: a9_khan.jpg (33462 bytes)
  "Unlockable character Khan"

Khan's fun! And doesn't have to fight the usual bosses really so it went pretty fast! Six fights total!
  paleface 21:42:41 08/06/23
(Oh my controls had reset because I somehow managed to toggle my HRAPV from PS3 to PC setting. : P)
  paleface 11:00:04 08/23/23

Stand out and down+HP hits most of the way across the screen. Got kind of boring!
The boss seemed to have an attack--his laser--and maybe shift into a mode ~ round 2 that I just couldn't block, or something. : P
FAQ I mentioned that talks about New Kakyoin just having sunglasses, worse range, and lower HP:
  paleface 17:44:34 08/27/23
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  "The Joestars, in the JoJo's Venture intro"

The last three unlockable characters--Hol Horse w/ Boingo, Rubber Soul, and Young Joseph.
HHwB (HH clone) and RS (a gooey mimic character, ie the third version of Kakyoin ; P) are ranged tricksters with relatively low mobility and melee ability, and Young Joseph is weirdly slow, with a very floaty jump and some oddly limited moves--like his heavy arc slash and crossbow shot moves take 4-EVER--oh as does one of HHwB's supers, where he stops, fires a burst of bullets into a pipe, and then you have to wait for the bullets to ricochet through a network of pipes that appears on the screen, before after several seconds they finally emit from two diagonal pipe outlets in the lower corners to fire, hopefully, at the opponent. So the pace of this whole thing was just strangely sluggish--really putting the original CPS3 hardware to shame. : P As a sanity check, I went and played a little Jotaro at the end; I'd remembered him as being the most aggressive and dynamic, with his stand always charging ahead, spamming fast punches, but yeah aside from brief flurries of character/stand comboing or something, it isn't actually an extremely brisk fighting game.
This version of Hol Horse holds his cigarette in his front teeth, rather than his side teeth, and has a kid trailing after him, reading a large book titled "Oingo Boingo" under a crate (this wild animated music video of the two of them, perhaps from JoJo's Stardust Crusaders, will confuse the issue more probably: ). Rubber Soul Kakyoin is "slightly taller" than actual Kakyoin, according to a FAQ, and has a fixed grimace on his hardened goo mask. Neither HHwB, RS, nor YJ have full toggle-able stand partners; their Stand buttons act more like single-button special moves--another big corner cut in their designs.
Aside from for instance the desert ordeal stage the Joestars had to go through, the Story modes were fun to see, even in Japanese in this JP version--but the unlockable characters mostly only got about two pieces of art in theirs, for a very minimal experience in that regard; YJ might have a couple more.
Oh yeah YJ's supers were awful, or at least I was awful with them: an absolutely dead short range uppercut, easily blocked/whiffed, and a super-slow-to-fire laser that most opponents just duck--or counter-hit, if you're anywhere near them when trying to warm it up--with total ease. Both do huge damage, I think, if they somehow actually hit, so I was glad someone let me hit them with the uppercut once, at least, spawning what might have been a manga flashback to his glory days as he punched them through the decades--anyway, it was cool for those three seconds, but probably not worth the frustration.
I'd seen YJ before, when Joseph got hit by Alessi's "Kid" transformation; if Alessi hits YJ with the transformation, he briefly changes from husky young adult Joseph into athletic tween Joseph.
The intro for the earlier game in this two-game collection, JoJo's Venture, might have the cooler intro of the two! It played randomly from the collection start screen as I pressed Record for this session, and I was like whoa what is this cool art animation? Venture though is just a less developed version of JJBA really, with far fewer characters, and YJ as the only unlockable character--at least as far as I could see from scrolling around the character select screen in this save I downloaded from GameFAQs.
Don't think I'd realized before that you can only speed up the end credits slightly, not skip them--aside from mashing multiple buttons to reset to the title screen, which also I think eliminates any score entry/save.
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