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Lady Pac
  opened by paleface at 21:34:05 12/27/22  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Puzzle; loc=EUR]

Ms. Pac-Man with more color schemes, more ghosts, and random mazes! 3(^_ %)
It's pretty much the Pac-game of my dreams. : OOO
You can get Lady Pac for however much you're comfortable paying or not paying from:
Windows version:
C64 version: is aka LC Games aka Luca Carminati.
On the default settings (Normal Difficulty, 3 Lives, 4 Ghosts), Lady Pac definitely easier than Ms. Pac-Man--I cruised to 80K+ points, whereas lately I've been unable even to get close to my old Ms. Pac-Man high score of 65K or thereabouts. Of course, the bonus stages here help, with 20 fruits worth 200 pts each to collect, and a 6K bonus for getting all of them within the time limit! But also I reached stage 13 here, according to the high score list (that does count bonus stages, but still), whereas the highest I've reached in Ms. Pac-Man is I think 7...maybe.
I love the option of being able to have 5 or 6 ghosts (haven't been able to see yet if eating 5 or 6 in one go maxes at 1600 pts or if it keeps doubling!), and I love the colors of the new ghosts! The colors of the new maze color schemes are delicious, too! : D And how you get a new color scheme with each new level! And well the Difficulty option (changes ghost edibility duration and move speed, I think? and you get separate high score lists per difficulty setting: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert) is great, and of course the random mazes, those are something I've always wanted in a Pac game done well! And this Pac-game is done really well!!
Oh! I was puzzled by getting other fruit (35:58) after reaching and eating a banana, but apparently that's how Ms. Pac-Man works, according to the wiki: random fruit after banana . (In Ms. Pac-Man I barely ever even reach...oh, they're pears, not avocados. ; )
Lady Pac game starts with a scanline filter effect over the screen, but you can toggle through to turning that off with F10 (F11 toggles scaling size, F12 toggles windowed/fullscreen, P toggles Pause, Home returns to the main menu, and ESC quits the game entirely).
Uh yeah Tutankham is obviously after the name of EGYPTIAN pharaoh Tutankhamun/Tutankhamen aka King Tut so why I kept trying to say it was set in like Central or South American tombs well uh oh well that's just because I'm a big dummy-head! = P
Author Luca Carminati has a lot of other classic-arcade-style games, most in both C64 and Windows versions, and some of the others are definitely right up my alley as well. : D
  paleface 13:18:23 01/03/23
  paleface 13:19:16 01/03/23
Had my capture settings accidentally blurring the video a bit in the first video, the one just above should be sharper. ^
  paleface 15:11:16 01/03/23
So far, enjoying the 6 Ghosts / Easy setting; it's a lot more challenging than the default 4 Ghosts / Normal, but you do get more time to munch ghosts, which is of course a fun part. ^ _^ Still haven't got to eat 5 or more ghosts in a row to see how that scoring works!
  paleface 22:09:15 02/11/23

This new version 1.1 has separate high score lists for the different options settings (difficulty, & number of ghosts), and you can enter your score using the joystick.
Finally ate 5 ghosts w/ one power pellet, and the 5th ghost is only worth as much as the 4th ghost is: 1600 pts.
  paleface 21:34:52 04/17/23
Undocumented: G key toggles turbo speed for Lady Pac (but not for the ghosts).
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