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WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
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What a roster! Macho King Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior, Ravishing Rick Rude, Brutus Beefcake (okay I dunno if I'd heard of him), Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Big Boss Man, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Oh but you can only play them in one-off matches; if you want to play through a sort of arcade mode or whatever of multiple bouts, you have to play generic white dude "Yourself." : P
The start up screen says "Hulk Hogan is a trademark of The Marvel Comics Group licensed exclusively to Titansports, Inc." because in 1984 Marvel had made Hulk Hogan license the "Hulk" part of his nom de guerre for $100 a match and 0.9% royalties--plus, he was no longer allowed to use "Incredible" in his name, couldn't print "Hulk" larger than "Hogan," and couldn't wrestle in green and purple. (See Wikipedia etc.)
Took me a bit to figure out some of the controls. Clean double-tap to jump in/out of ring; can also jump in/out from turnbuckle (that's with A+B). Andre can't(?) get back in. Select+A+B for partner assist in ring; Select+B (I think it was B) to have them go hit opponent's partner. : P
Oh! I should have read a manual scan first instead of relying on a FAQ, because it turns out HOLDING A instead of just tapping does a secondary attack!! Headbutts, kicks, etc.
It didn't feel like a very deep game at first but it started feeling deeper as I played, and gosh that secondary attack thing adds a whole new level I'll have to try. Even without that though there's recovering health by moving around, turnbuckle attacks, partner attacks in the tag modes, single-punch knockdowns after a hold from behind, and character-specific stuff like Andre not having a power move (A+B) except--according to the manual--when the opponent is "cornered."
The 45-degree-rotated movement (Up moves you up-right, etc) drove me nuts at first and I tried rotating my arcade stick 45 degrees but that started making my wrist hurt trying to press the buttons ; P. So I gave up and got used to it after a few minutes or so.
I love how one person in the audience will sometimes have arms to wave expressively or cover their face.
This was Rare's SECOND WWF game--their first was WWF Wrestlemania, in 1989. That one's got pretty abysmal reviews.
... I forgot that the GB WWF game Rare put out right after this one, WWF Superstars, is the GB wrestling game I got. ; ) Well, it's supposed to be on its way, anyway; shipping on that one's been a bit slow. : P
· WWF Superstars (GB)

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