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Super Game Boy 2
  opened by paleface at 01:01:06 03/05/23  
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  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Hardware; loc=JPN]
The came-out-in-Japan-only but region-free SGB2 changed three things over the SGB1 (see entry 1532): added a GB link port, corrected the timing so GB games run at their intended speed rather than 2.4% faster, and added a second batch of border art.
The Lx4,R button code with the SGB2 menu closed either activates the "screen saver" animation of the border (not sure how long they take to activate on their own; I could only bear to wait 3 mins or so and it didn't start), toggles its colors (1st, GB-style border only), or toggles to the SGB1 borders (2nd, black border only).
Otherwise it's pretty much the same, weird static noise, color palettes and all.
  paleface 01:08:34 03/05/23

Taking a look at the unique features of the Super Game Boy 2 for the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo, particularly its set of new border art and animation!
I'm running my ROMs of SGB (1), SGB2, and Tetris in the Mesen emulator.
Oh! According to a scan of a Super Game Boy (1) manual I looked up, that first border icon in the border selection list is for selecting the special game-specific border that certain games came with.
I wish you could play the game while the "screen saver" animations are playing! But the animations disappear as soon as you touch the GB controls.
· Mesen (PC)
· Super Game Boy (SNES)

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