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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Emulation; loc=NA]
Open source GB/GBC/GBA/NES/SNES/PC Engine emulator by Sour. Official site, repository .
Has run everything on GB/NES/SNES I've thrown at it so far, haven't noticed compatibility issues. Can remove borders from Super Game Boy (see entry 1532) and Super Game Boy 2 (see entry 1534), which is great! : ) Input mapping is quick and clean.
Haven't been able to get any flavor of the one PC Engine game I tried, Double Dragon II (see entry 505) to work though; PC Engine emulation is relatively new in Mesen, I think.
Lots of room for more comfy features--would love easier palette editing--and saving!--for GB, for instance. : ) But you can already change 4-color GB sprite palettes separately from the 4-color backgrounds, whereas SGB/2 only allows you four colors for the whole screen.
  paleface 17:00:08 03/05/23
Other settings to make:
- Unchecking "Enable LCD frame blending" under Game Boy/Video
- Checking "Enable integer FPS mode (e.g: run at 60 fps instead of 60.1)" under Video/General to fix frame drops in recorded video of NES/SNES
  paleface 04:58:31 03/15/23
Mesen isn't even mentioned in Google result lists for "best SNES emulator"... But the top ones always mentioned seem less fully featured, so I dunno. Higan for instance appears to have limited display resolutions--although I didn't quite get that far in trying to set it up, which was rather baffling--and Snes9x doesn't have specific NTSC and PAL aspect ratios (and doesn't seem to have a way to load GB games in Super Game Boy?).
  paleface 05:08:30 03/15/23
Snes9x does handle the transition from menu to wrestling in Funaki Masakatsu smoothly, though, whereas that flips Mesen out a bit (it has to be resized manually). But I can't shake the feeling that Snes9x isn't running it at quite the right aspect.
· Super Game Boy 2 (SNES)

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