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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Emulation; loc=NA]
Multi-system emulator. Command-line-based, so not necessarily the easiest to get set up, but sure did run PC Engine CD game Double Dragon II (see entry 505) dandy when I tried it--even if it couldn't replicate what may very well be a bizarre controller port hardware glitch with my repaired Duo. ; )
This was also the best emulator I found for NGPC when I was trying such things years ago.
  paleface 15:14:14 03/16/23
Most of the Google results lists for "best Genesis emulator" name Kega Fusion as the best, and don't even mention Mednafen, but Mednafen seems to run the installed Mega Drive / Genesis ROM from the Steam version of Water Margin at least as well as Kega Fusion, and with significantly less CPU usage.
Kega does have a GUI, maybe that's what people like (no hotkey configuration though, sheesh). And for instance I couldn't seem to get Water Margin running using the default Mednafen OpenGL renderer, so I had to switch to its software rendering:
mednafen.exe -video.driver softfb -md.stretch aspect -md.videoip 0 roms\
  paleface 15:15:16 03/16/23
Oh yeah and you do controller mapping while running a game, you press Shift+Alt+[controller number, say 1], and then press the inputs at the prompts.
  paleface 15:17:12 03/16/23
The Steam "Water Margin" actually includes Mednafen inside it, that's apparently how it's running the ROM it installs (which is a file with no extension, named "game," in the "res" folder).
· Water Margin: A Tale of Clouds and Wind (MD)

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