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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Emulation; loc=NA]
This is what I got when Googling for "best N64 emulator," and it does seem to run WCW/nWo Revenge nice and sharp in 1080p on my 3-year-old gaming laptop, once I messed with some of the settings to fix frame dropping (maybe it was turning vsync on that did the trick? not sure). Haven't tried setting up a DualShock4 on it yet to play for reals.
Nag-ware until you donate to support the project.
  paleface 16:35:07 03/05/23
In my brief sampling of WWF No Mercy, seemed to run a four-wrestler free-for-all without significant slowdown, which was a big complaint about the game on actual hardware.
  paleface 18:28:38 03/05/23
Mapping a DualShock4 was a piece of cake. : ))
  paleface 02:51:51 03/21/23
Used Mupen64 (see entry 1557) for my first WCW/nWo foray instead of P64 because I found weird a weird tearing effect when running WCW/nWo and WWF No Mercy full screen in P64. Vsync is on and it doesn't look like a normal tearing thing--sometimes it goes vertically as well as horizontally; but I'm not sure it's even visible on-screen when playing, I only notice it in the recorded video. So eh hm some kind of interference there in getting it through to OBS, maybe--probably wouldn't happen if I had a separate recording machine, even though it has plenty of CPU to spare as far as I can tell. And it doesn't happen when running in a window. So a MOST this would only be a problem for someone trying to record full screen video from the emulator without having a proper separate recording machine, like me. ; )
P64 DOES do this odd thing of defaulting back to 50 Hz refresh rate setting for fullscreen sometimes after reinstall. And I can't get the DX8 renderer to render. And the software or whatever it is renderer won't render Revenge's menu screens, just the actual wrestling scenes--and trying to switch renderers on the fly crashes the thing, of course. Um and trying to use the emu's built-in AA rather than overriding it through the Nvidia control panel blurs 2D UI elements.
Mupen also doesn't bombard you with tons of graphical twiddly option things like P64 does.
AKI's later WWF No Mercy though seems prone to texture glitches in Mupen64, so I guess it'll be back to Project64. In fact, when trying to Google the tearing thing, I found No Mercy players talking about how P64 is the emu to use for No Mercy because it's the only one, talk was, not sure quite how recent, that supports mods for it--maybe particularly texture mods, I forget.
  paleface 16:08:54 03/21/23
Oh Nvidia override for doing AA doesn't seem to work, ah well. Actually I kind of like the no-AA look on these two AKI games for some reason. Maybe because the sharp edges help the simple, flat shapes stand out from the blurry textures?
  paleface 19:54:41 03/21/23
Nvidia AA probably also blurs the UI anyway, does with Mupen at least. But I'm switching back to Mupen, 'cause I founds how to switch to its Glide renderer, which fixes the texture dropouts I was having with its default "Rice" renderer, and generally it "just works," doesn't have weird tearing trouble capturing in OBS in fullscreen, and generally just feels a lot tighter.
· Mupen64Plus (PC)

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