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Mario Bros. Classic Serie
  opened by paleface at 20:01:55 03/11/23  
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  paleface [sys=NES; cat=Platformer; loc=EUR]

This third European version of Mario Bros. has the pacing improvements of the 1991 PAL version, the air control, bigger, non-flickering sprites with more arcade-accurate color, invisible platforms, icicles, more generous bonus stage timing, and more arcade-like stage order of the 1988 Japanese Famicom Disk System kiosk version, enemy stage intros from the arcade version, and even faster play speed!
My high score so far is about 20K higher than my US version high score. ^ _^ The air control--a brand new feature introduced in the Disk System version, not something that was in the arcade version!--really changes the game!
Oh! I forgot to set the aspect ratio back to PAL for that last run at the Classic Serie version. So Luigi is in NTSC aspect ratio and framerate, bit jerky. = o Oh yeah actually I can't really play this version in NTSC aspect ratio because that changes the framerate too, I mean I can but it'll be kinda jerky and weird like this.
Kinda want to do an episode where I do play as Luigi+Mario at once, that's pretty fun. ^) ^
  paleface 17:45:54 04/09/23
  paleface 16:56:43 05/01/23
Feeling less called back to this than I thought I would, drat it. Maybe it's the thought of having to go through all the early levels each time?
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