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WWF No Mercy
  opened by paleface at 02:48:14 03/25/23  
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  paleface [sys=N64; cat=Wrestling; loc=NA]

Trying Exhibition and Edit modes in WWF No Mercy, dumped with a Sanni Cart Reader V5 and played in the N64 emulator Mupen64Plus, at the default Easy difficulty. Also a bit of AKI's N64 "WCW/nWo Revenge" (see entry 1556) from two years earlier for comparison! Both are 30 fps games.
Huge thanks to Kurushimi's Create-A-Wrestler FAQ on GameFAQs for the basis of my Hulk Hogan CAW's move list!
(REAL AMERICAN is copyrighted of course, so that was a foolish song to assign to my Hogan edit as far as YouTube copyright permitting is concerned; I cut out three chunks of the video that had it with my usual crude freeware cuts. : P)
Ah, the Critical! wrestling history podcast already covered No Mercy in the episodes I've caught up listening to, in their 2nd episode--they mentioned the slowdown in 4-character matches and the bug causing intermittent wipes of save data as the knocks against it vs WCW/nWo Revenge, but the slowdown thing doesn't seem to happen when playing it in an emulator, and MAYBE emulators have solved the data wipe, too? (Also I think Mupen saves automatically--at any rate, I don't seem to have to do the manual "Data" save to memory Pak thing for it to keep my edits etc.) And they seem to prefer the Revenge roster and the Revenge art style to those of No Mercy.
Don't know many wrestlers but I may like the Revenge roster better as well, although I'm feeling strange urges to flesh out No Mercy's with weirdos like Superman and uh I dunno others through the edit mode. (OH and I can edit the McMahons & awkward female models to diff names & models--not moves though--HEY.) (Haha but they keep their exaggerated "female" poses. ; D) No Mercy's music is definitely better and I think I prefer its more modulated arena lighting, but I go back and forth on the character model styles between the two--the brighter, blockier Revenge characters or the darker, sleeker No Mercy models. I definitely prefer NOT having "Drag opponent" as Button A Long Press like it is in Revenge, where I keep doing it accidentally; in No Mercy, it's on C Up. (C-stick always confuses me but that's more of a personal problem maybe. : P) And No Mercy's name tags on Spirit meters!
Oh, also thanks to Critical! episode 2 for pointing out that the Real American track comes assigned to unlockable wrestler Jim Ross costume swaps Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco; edited it out of them as well as my CAW Hogan so hopefully no more crude video edits will be needed to avoid YouTube copyright tags.
Speaking of edits, after recording I found sunglasses--they're under the Masks section; slapping some gold sunglasses over the CAW Hulkster's not-Hogan face helps. ^ _^ There's a bandanna in Masks/Accessories that goes under the hair, like Hogan wore his sometimes, but it's only available in black; could work with the black shorts look I used for one of his costumes, but he didn't have a bandanna on in the photo I found of that.
I should stop worrying about Hogan & make Superman/Batman/Spider-Man etc. : D This editor is much less intimidating than Fire Pro's, esp since there's no AI editing..which I guess means you can't give it funky personality exactly but ferinstance my Hogan as a CPU just goes to town with the moves assigned, so it works all right. (Swapped out the eye-poke counter he used on me--too 3 Stooges.)
Now I've tried all the wrestling games I think I'll have for a while. No Mercy, Revenge, Fire Pro Wrestling World, and Wrestling Empire are in the mix. Which ones will I end up sticking with? = o I think I like the AKI games for 4-character action, Fire Pro for 2 and 8-character action, and Wrestling Empire for career weirdness--but I gotta play all of them more to be sure. ^ )^
  paleface 02:54:04 03/25/23
Used the command line parameter "--cheats 2" for No Mercy and "--cheats 1" for Revenge to unlock everything.
  paleface 00:01:17 03/26/23
Whoops nope it was SBurk's FAQ I used as the basis for my Hogan movelist, his was much more fleshed out:
  paleface 21:54:16 03/26/23

Starting my relatively ignorant attempt to make legendary Japanese professional wrestler Giant Baba
Used the command line parameter "--cheats 2" to unlock everything.
And quick hacks I did like a Dude Love visual edit, and replacing the McMahons and young female characters with generic big dudes. : P
I also changed my Hulk Hogan CAW edit from face 75 to face 84. I kinda like the smiling face 87 I went with originally but it's too round for Hogan's rectangular face, and the smile doesn't fit the facial hair (which is also not quite right, but as close as I can seem to get in the game). Oh and Dudleyz 1 pants for a Hulkster!
Just about everything I think I know about Baba is from:
- - 1969 Baba vs Gorilla Monsoon
- - 1975 Baba vs Jack Brisco
- - 1990 Baba & Andre the Giant vs Masters & Citron
My impression from the videos and what I'm going with for for fleshing out the move list is that Baba isn't super mobile and likes chops, arm locks, and big slow kicks.
Ah he does an underhand kneeling punch from a grapple, and a choke submission, in that Brisco match, I'll have to see if I can fit those in. Oh and a leg-entangling back grapple thing! And a leg lock submission!
Mupen has crashed on me now and then in No Mercy specifically, this time it was flipping between edited characters. I wonder if this is related to the data wiping glitch people playing on the actual carts (version 1.0 carts, at least, which from the sound of it is just about all of them, since the 1.1 ones supposedly were only issued as replacements for people calling THQ about it) run into--like, would the spot where Mupen hangs be the spot where the data wipe would have occurred? My data hasn't been wiped from the emulated version...I backed up the save data after this session just in case though. = o
  paleface 23:45:19 04/06/23

Making new character "The General."
Extra chunky this time 'cause I've turned off texture filtering in Mupen (set "filtering = 2" under [Video-Glide64mk2] in c:\users\[username]\appdata\roaming\mupen64plus\mupen64plus.cfg ).
Want to fill in the rest of my edit slots and don't have any other vaguely remembered WWF wrestlers from my childhood to put in there, so wanted to see how fast I could chuck in an "original" char based on a visual theme that popped into my head (army general), with a "random" moveset to maybe make for uh surprising vs CPU play. ^ _^
Clothing bit took longer than I'd wanted, hopefully that'll speed up as I start to learn the available pieces.
He's tough to wrestle against! = oo So I guess it worked!
  paleface 20:45:51 04/07/23

Making new character "Cave Boy Whummo."
Sort of a weird fight. ; ) Maybe too even; not sure about some of those "random" moves I assigned him but hey. He didn't seem that hard to beat but eh well I did use the sledgehammer an awful lot ( : o) and he WAS fighting himself; and I kind of got lucky in that, having hurt his neck or something with the sledgehammer, I then landed two strong neck grapples on him. Could be tough to beat with a "regular" character? No idea yet.
Playing it back I noticed a lot of audio delay in the matches at the end; for next time I've set my Mupen .cfg audio buffer and resampling settings back to default--they weren't really cutting down on the static/popping to a significant degree anyway.
  paleface 15:24:30 04/08/23

Making new character "Hira (The Syllabary)" in WWF No Mercy, dumped with a Sanni Cart Reader V5 and played in the N64 emulator Mupen64Plus! No Mercy is a 30fps game.
Following up on making a tiny character, I wanted to make the tallest character I could, and they ended up taking some unexpected turns! Also maybe a bit too tough being 599 lbs with Strong endurance, but we'll see. ^ )^ (Weak recovery, though!)
  paleface 17:23:55 04/16/23

Compulsively running tag team matches in WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge!
Mostly I had to wait until one opponent was occupied somehow, usually out of the ring, then try to get the pin on the other one in the ring.
Finally figured out it's up+C to get through the ropes. : P (Well almost, I think I was thinking you had to point with the d-pad at the same time, but maybe you don't.)
Can't figure out which tag I like better! Maybe I'm starting to lean toward Revenge because it's a little brighter and weirder and wackier?? There are ninjas and sumos and luchas and baby bobbleheads and stuff!
The music in some of WCW's venues isn't quite as bad as in others; maybe overall it isn't THAT much worse than No Mercy's music. ; )
I hadn't liked that Hold A is drag downed opponent in Revenge...but I can never remember which button it moved to in No Mercy. ; D (It's up + C. The C buttons are so darned unintuitive! : P)
I probably won't keep trying to wrestle so much with my weird genero lady/McMahon replacement wrestlers (Spoz, Czok, Feb, Pep, etc...) in No Mercy. : P At least they weren't so bad after the first! Czok got a pin in like 2:40. = o
Revenge I think defaulted to 10 seconds "Tag Help Time" (as No Mercy calls it) for your partner to come in when you need an assist, while No Mercy seems to have defaulted to just 5 seconds; I liked how AI help had gone in my previous Revenge tag match better than my first No Mercy match, so I raised No Mercy's THT to 10 seconds, and that did seem to help make things mixier. ^) ^
Random select in No Mercy kept picking Mick Foley jobs, and the top-right character ("Spoz," one of my McMahon replacements) in "Hidden 1." A LOT. And didn't pick any of my CAWs. Hm.
Gotta remember Irish Whip is down C. So is (with d-pad) climb turnbuckle.
In NM I kept looking for what apparently are "Flying Attacks (opponent out of ring)": pad + A (grapple button) from ropes, and down C + A running to ropes/turnbuckle; same for Revenge (I could swear I tried that but maybe I was hitting B instead of A?
According to GameFAQs NM message board posts, Up + C throws opponents out of the ring. It isn't mentioned in either manual. And I could swear I tried it and it didn't do anything. One mentions "press C-Up while pushing towards the ropes" and I'm not sure what that means. D pad?
^ I think Up + C is not an actual throw-out-of-ring command. I was probably confusing it with Fire Pro Wrestling World, which DOES have a throw-out-of-ring command. According to this No Mercy video on eliminating opponents, , the way to get them out is basically to hit them out, not throw them out. Well I guess that solves that confusion.
I was really bad as The Rock. :PP
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