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The Masters Fighter
  opened by paleface at 03:18:40 08/25/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
The blatant Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown character rip-offs in this game would make for a slightly amusing diversion if only the thing ran at greater than ~10 fps.
Given the framerate, pulling off any of each character's 2-4 special moves is nearly impossible so you're best off just sticking with weak/strong punch/kick (which unfortunately you can't remap to shoulder buttons for a decent arcade stick layout). These are all you'll need against the CPU, anyway. For instance, "Gamp," perhaps one of the most tragic fighting game sprites I have ever seen (like all the sprites in this game he looks as though he's been clumsily scaled up from a much lower resolution, but he somehow manages to look even worse and I suppose the blue skin tone isn't helping), can't quite figure out how to foil a strong kick to his face, so you can just do that over and over. A few characters are a bit too twitchy for this strategy but fortunately in these cases you can just turtle and ankle-kick them into oblivion.
The backgrounds actually look halfway decent, the slightly subdued trance music is okay, the pain sounds are amusing, and the game makes itself import-friendly with an option to switch to all English text. Unfortunately, none of these perks actually make the game enjoyable. It has a "Watching" mode, surprisingly, and leaving it playing itself in endless slow random fights is probably the best way to experience it, if you absolutely must.

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