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Megatudo 2096
  opened by paleface at 03:20:02 08/25/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
It's better if you say it like the announcer: "Megatude." So in the year 2096 hot chicks and buff guys (according to the manual) pilot big robots in 3D arena battles sort of like Virtual On, except that the arenas are smaller and uglier (if that's possible) and the robots have fewer special moves, which is just as well because since special moves cost energy points and energy recharges slowly, if you try to do a special move you'll often find yourself whiffing it not because you input the command incorrectly (they're simple 2D fighting style commands, QCF and uppercut and stuff) but because you didn't quite have enough energy for the move.
Of course you can't tell exactly how much energy is needed, so you just kind of have to eyeball it--which means you'll be whiffing moves a lot. To avoid that, though, just hold down the "strafe" button to skate away in an evasive circle, toggle your weapon from blades to rifle, and just keep hitting the fire button. That works well--too well, really.
Moving forward or backward is impossibly slow, so your only real effective way to close on an enemy is to use a special move that happens to move you forward quickly, or to swirl around them until they blunder into a wall. The actual fighting moves themselves are okay (aside from the power whiffing thing) and the robots animate well.
I wish they had sounds (or better sounds?) for when you take a hit though, because it's often hard to tell unless you're watching your health meter. Also, the computer frequently does this bizarre thing where it shoots forward at you, then pops back instantly like it had never moved forward. Hopefully that wouldn't be a problem in Vs. mode against another player ("Story" mode is a joke name, obviously, since there's no story whatsoever).
There are some hints of good things here but in the end it comes out rather spotty.

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