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Oh No!
  opened by paleface at 19:53:41 08/31/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
The game intro movie begins with close-up of a guy shaking his plump rump in the shower, moves on to pants-wetting children, and from there things get weird. Fortunately the game itself is fairly simple: you control two or three kids parading through the streets, possibly in just their underpants. They prance in a line formation that you can rotate so it's straddling the street or marching in a line. You can also move them back and forth, and cause them all to jump simultaneously. As they skip down the street and through buildings to funky musical beats they must avoid obstacles, such as walls, cars, and pedestrians, pick up yummy hamburgers to raise their health, which is constantly decreasing even when they aren't smashing into obstacles, and avoid nasty poisonous fishburgers.
Guiding multiple characters simultaneously gets pretty challenging but you have unlimited continues and checkpoints are frequent, so it really comes down to memorizing each section of the course, more or less. Not the most scintillating gameplay that's ever been invented but the sheer weirdness and bouncy tracks make for nice diversions. At the end of each "course" you're treated to a bonus minigame, generally involving keeping your little tykes dancing with button mashing or matching.
There are a number of two-player modes, including two you can play with the CPU: "love" mode where you must keep two fellas near two girls, and "battle" mode where the fellas and girls beat the snot out of each other as they skip down the road fighting for burgers. Simple yet challenging action gameplay with nice tunes and huge weirdness factor makes this one to scare your friends with.
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