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Advanced V.G. 2
  opened by paleface at 05:53:14 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=Japan]
Like the first game, a very solid 2d fighter in which you beat the clothes off of other busty young women. Well, not really, but after the fights in story mode you get to chat with your defeated opponent, whose clothes are now somewhat tattered. Whee!
The sequel has a couple new characters, more moves for the fighters, and much better animation and stage backgrounds (which zoom Samurai Shodown style). The character art and story mode are as well done as before with full, super-cute voice acting, while the fighting system has expanded to include a triple super meter (which charges pretty quickly) and some kind of "just defend" type of parry which the AI did to me a lot. Load times are very brisk and there's no apparent slowdown.
Darn fine fighting game, really, with the added benefit of, well, boobies.
· Advanced V.G. (PS1)

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