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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=JPN]
Extremely short and weird beat-em-up. You play a young English-looking boy in cute clothes, along with a equally cutsified young girl if you're playing with a friend, who skips horizontally through 2D isometric areas ranging from a storybook village to a desert to a freakish land with giant garter-clad female legs, bashing funky little baddies with your gnarled stick and collecting the cute little chicks, puppies and platypi that they drop. The disturbing thing is that although many of the backgrounds and characters look like illustrations from a children's book, some, such as the aforementioned legs and a boss with a big curving horn on his groin, are clearly intended for older audiences.
The early bosses are disappointing jokes as you can just bash them mercilessly until they're dead, but a couple of the later bosses are quite difficult and there's little room to maneuver away from their attacks, so all you can really do is try to dodge once, then bash them and use your magic (where you toss something up into the air and a (random) effect occurs, like Golden Axe) to try to kill them before they take too many of your lives.
There's frequent slowdown as the game tosses herds of baddies at you at once. This would all be well and good but for the fact that the game is amazingly short: I think my first single-player play-through took about 15 to 20 minutes on medium difficulty, which unfortunately leaves the game as not much more than a quirky curiosity.
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