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Punch the Monkey! Game Edition
  opened by paleface at 20:30:22 08/31/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Rhythm; loc=JPN]
I don't generally go for rhythm action games but anything involving monkey punching is down my alley, so... Fortunately even rhythmless gimps like me can enjoy this game, as amusing clips from the "Lupin the 3rd" anime (never seen it) play in the background while you try matching the keypress icons that fly past your crosshair to the beat of some swank superspy techno remixes.
Hits keep your status marker in the "clear" zone, misses drop you toward the red "game over" zone. Gets quite challenging on later stages even on "Easy," and the insane can go for bonus points by sniping pop-up targets with the shoulder buttons while keeping the main button-matching beat simultaneously.
I love the music and even better, this is one of the few action games where it feels like the button presses actually come on the beat, and even associate certain sounds with certain buttons in some repeated sequences. Very well done.
  paleface 02:43:21 11/18/03
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  "Games by KAZe."
Make by video pinball house KAZe--go figure that one. But it's quality just like their other titles.
  paleface 03:06:39 02/22/04
The title, I gather, comes from Monkey Punch, the creators of the original manga or anime or whichever.
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