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Rakugaki Showtime
  opened by paleface at 20:55:19 08/31/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
PopaSmear kicks heiny at this game! You've got to love the graphics, where everything looks kind of like a crayon drawing on a ripped-out piece of paper--sort of a childlike cell-shading, if you will. Very neat and really establishes a unique feel for this game in which you leap around a small square or circular playfield, picking up various objects to throw at your opponents as hard as possible. Factor in a large number of unique characters, from birdmen to schoolyard punks to dogs to cute girls who transform into immensely fat women rattle the ground when they move, plus a wide variety of spiffy throwable objects such as nukes, grenades, boulders, super smiley balls, and other players, plus special moves and super moves for each character, mix these all into a vast melee of four or more fighters at once, and you've got some fun.
At some sort of basic level you're playing dodgeball, as the super smiley balls will be your handiest throwing weapon. Get a good few throws in with a ball and it powers up and starts glowing, indicating that you can pick it up and execute a super move with it, dealing out an incredible amount of damage along with a pretty nifty lightshow. But beware: as with everything else in the arena, your own supers can work against you if countered correctly by the opposition.
In the main single-player mode you go through a succession of more and more difficult opposing groups, or you can skip that, hook up your multitap, throw in some AIs and go for some insane multiplayer mayhem, crayon-style. Wild and goofy and quite a bit of fun.

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